NASCAR Enters The Sports Betting Scene

Jake Cooper | 11 Oct 2018

Sports Betting and NASCARFans of all things auto racing are now officially able to bet on events hosted by the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR). Supporters were recently treated to a betting station at the Dover International Raceway, where they were able to place bets on a surprising number of outcomes, including winner of the race, winner of individual stages, number of lead changes, etc.

NASCAR President Steve Phelps said that the expectation was that by 2019, some rules would be put into place in order to regulate wagering activities at various race events. He said that in the interim, fans would be able to place bets at kiosks erected for this purpose at venues.

Phelps said that the idea was to study what putting money on NASCAR events would ultimately look like by keeping a close eye on what was happening at the special kiosks. After a study had been conducted, other aspects would be addressed and implemented, such as sponsorships and the likes. Phelps also confirmed that at present, there were no legal hurdles in the way of fans and even team members placing bets at events. Going forward, more clarification regarding specific regulations would be formulated in the sport’s rulebooks.

A New Lease On Life

It’s a fact that NASCAR has seen a decline in popularity over the last couple of years, and a betting stream may be just what the doctor ordered in terms of breathing new life into the sport in general. Ever since the strike-down of the ban on sports betting in the US, relevant sectors have been urged to better promote additional services such as venue-based wagering.

Phelps said that it was important to formulate specific rules set to govern betting on NASCAR outcomes as this would clarify the issue of sponsorships, which was an important step towards attracting more interest to the sector.

Creating New Awareness Is Key

Chief Executive Officer at Dover Sports, Denis McGlyn, spoke to the press and said that the main aim wasn’t necessarily achieving massive streams of revenue, but rather to create a renewed interest in NASCAR by adding it to the mainstream of sports currently enjoying betting services.