Nate Schmidt Moves To Jets In Third-Round Pick

Nate Schmidt, the 30-year-old ice hockey player, has been traded once again. This time, the trade took the form of a move from the Vancouver Canucks to the Winnipeg Jets. In October last year, the player was traded to Vancouver by the Vegas Golden Knights. While the player’s trades have taken place fairly close together, he is still looking forward to settling in with the Jets and representing the team for the foreseeable future. Similarly, the Jets are thrilled to welcome the player to its team.

Considered something of a veteran defenceman, Schmidt had scored 15 points through five goals and 10 assists for the Canucks throughout the last season. By acquiring the player, the Vancouver Canucks are further strengthening their arsenal.

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Impressive Deal For Schmidt

While Nate Schmidt might not have much control over where he is sent to, he is benefitting from a rather impressive deal that comes with a very generous payment package. At present, the player is signed right through until the end of the 2024/25 season. Moreover, than the job security that he will be able to enjoy within the next few years is the average salary cap of US$5.95 million that he will be paid.

Interestingly, Schmidt is not the only defenceman that the Jets have recently picked up in an attempt to help strengthen the team. On Monday, it was also announced that another 30-year-old player, Brenden Dillion, would be joining the Winnipeg team. This trade was agreed upon in exchange for two second-round draft picks, one of which will be completed in 2022, and the other of which will be completed in 2023.

More About Nate Schmidt

At six feet tall and 194 pounds, Nate Schmidt’s track record of 15 points for the Canucks last season pales in comparison to the career-high 36 points (scored through five goals and 31 assists) that he was able to score when he played for Vegas in the 2017/18 season.

The player hails from St Cloud, Minnesota. He began his professional ice hockey career by playing for the University of Minnesota, after which he entered the National Hockey League (NHL). In 2013, Nate Schmidt signed with the Capitals. He was a free agent at the time, which game him a lot more flexibility. He then spent a total of four seasons in Washington before moving over to Vegas after being selected in the NHL’s 2017 draft. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details