NBA Stands Behind US Sports Betting

Jake Cooper | 07 Feb 2018

US Sports Betting supported by NBAAfter spending decades with a firm stance against sports betting, the National Basketball Association (NBA) has now voiced its support in the plight to legalise sports betting in the USA.

The NBA’s support has come at both an opportune and ironic time in the history of betting, as the Supreme Court is currently reviewing the case made against the NCAA, MLB, NBA and other major sports leagues by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The leagues sued the state after it attempted to legalise betting back in 2012, with Christie’s case only being heard by the court late last year.

If the Supreme Court rules in the Governor’s favour, New Jersey will not be the only state to feel the effects. If lawmakers do indeed allow New Jersey to legalise the provision of sports betting services , this will also enable every other US state to do the same by proxy.

Current Laws Unconstitutional

Back in 2012 when New Jersey attempted to legalise sports betting, it was hit with multiple lawsuits from the NBA and other sports leagues. The leagues claimed that sports betting’s status of illegality is based on a 1992 law that banned state-authorised betting in all national states except for Nevada, Oregon, Delaware and Montana. These four states met a 1991 deadline that exempted them from the legislation.

Christie has now argued that this law is unconstitutional, and that if four states may legally be allowed to offer sports betting to their citizens, then all states should be granted the same privilege.

Christie’s case with the Supreme Court is still awaiting its final verdict, but according to the NBA, there is a high possibility that the court will rule in the Governor’s favour and allow the nationwide legalisation of sports betting. Should this happen, the NBA has already positioned itself favourably to claim its share of the massive revenues that sports betting could generate once it becomes legal.

New Jersey Pioneers Legal Betting

Furthermore, while New Jersey is best known for its Atlantic City casinos, experts have suggested that the state may need to find another main source of revenue soon. Revenues from these casinos have been declining in recent years, and while two new casinos are set to open in Atlantic City this year, it has been suggested that both venues may struggle to find enough skilled workers to hire.

New Jersey has also fast become a trailblazer in the realm of online gambling in particular. The state was one of the first three in the USA to officially legalise iGaming back in 2013, and now, it might be poised to pave the way for legal sports betting provision across America.

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