NBA Speaks Out On Sports Betting And Balance

Jake Cooper - 22 Jan 2019

The only way for any system to be successful is for those in charge of its boundaries to find a balance. This is something that advocates for the legalisation of sports betting in the US, and in many other parts of the world, for that matter, knew all along. Since the legalisation of betting on professional and amateur sports in June of 2018, something that can only be described as an information revival has taken place across the US.

Consider the National Basketball Association for good measure. Many of its key members, as was the case with many other pro-leagues, were quite outspoken about their utter abhorrence of anything even remotely associated with betting on sports. But today, not even a year later, management has had a proper change of heart.

Finding The Balance

This does not mean that it’s now become a thing of throwing all caution to the wind and sound judgement out the door. In fact, the NBA’s Chief Operating Officer, Mark Tatum, is currently in the process of investigating new ways to re-enforce gambling policies within the association’s ranks.

Tatum believes that the only way to keep the NBA in good health, and without taking away anything from sports betting itself, is to lay down the laws of the land regarding players placing bets, match-fixing, and even passing on subtle tips regarding the inner workings of a match or team to outsiders. According to Tatum, doing things above board not only protects the integrity of pro-Basketball as a professional sport, but also ensures that sports betting isn’t dumped back in the dark pit from whence it was forced to function for the past couple of decades.

Knowledge Is Power

Tatum emphasised the fact that he fully supported the legalisation of the industry, as this ensured that better information was being captured; on as well as off the courts and fields. Many pro-league members and managers have expressed the opinion that the opportunity to bet on one’s favourite sport encourages a fan to be more involved with that sport.

Fan participation is a big deal and ticket sales have been known to break or make a season. But Tatum hit the nail right on the head when he said that it was all about finding the balance between revenue and responsibility. If only everyone would wake up to this particular truth.

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