Brooklyn Nets and Charlotte Hornets NBA Trivia

Dean Riley - 08 Mar 2022

The Brooklyn Nets and the Charlotte Hornets are major fan favourites in the NBA. Both teams have their own stories to tell the world, and we’ll learn more about that through these fascinating pieces of sports trivia.

The Charlotte Hornets

1. Were The Hornets Originally Named Something Else?

Yes, in fact the Charlotte Hornets were initially dubbed the “Spirits” but their name would eventually be changed following a naming contest.

2. Were They The First Pro Sports Team In Charlotte?

When the Hornets were first put together as a group in 1988, they were the very first professional sporting team in Charlotte.

3. The Missing Nike Logo

Another interesting fact about the Charlotte Hornets is that they are the only team in the entirety of the NBA that doesn’t have the Nike logo on their jerseys. The reason for this is that the team is owned by Michael Jordan, and therefore their jerseys are emblazoned with the Jumpman logo instead.

4. Did The Hornets Lose Kobe Bryant?

It’s a little-known fact that the Charlotte Hornets actually drafted Kobe Bryant, but would go on to trade him to the LA Lakers in a deal that saw him chosen 5 minutes before he was sent off.

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Brooklyn Nets Facts

5. Who Owns The Brooklyn Nets?

The Brooklyn Nets franchise is currently owned by a Canadian/Chinese billionaire by the name of Joseph Chung-Hsin Trai, and he purchased the team in 2018.

6. When Did The NBA Team Get Their Name?

The team had played for about 10 years with the name The New Jersey Americans, and it’s a name that they held on to until 1977. After they moved to New Jersey, they would be known as the New Jersey Nets until 2012.

7. Have They Won Any NBA Finals?

The team, despite having extremely skilled players, have never been the winners of any NBA finals. They have, however, managed to get to the finals of the NBA twice, once in 2002 and then again in 2003.

8. Who Has Played For The Nets?

The Brooklyn Nets have been home to several famous players over the years. Some of these include Bill Melchionni, Julius Erving, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Erving, James Harden, Jason Kidd, and many others. Despite not winning the NBA, the team remains highly respected within the NBA. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details