Nevada Bookies Report $558.2m In Wagers For September

Jake Cooper | 08 Nov 2017

Nevada Bookies Report $558.2m In WagersAugust was undoubtedly a lucrative month for the Nevada sports betting industry, with the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight generating millions in revenues for local bookies. However, the following month was also exceptionally lucrative for local sportsbooks, according to new figures from the state of Nevada’s gambling regulator.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has recently revealed record-breaking wager numbers for its sports betting industry in September. The board noted that an exceptional sum of $558.2 million was wagered by individuals on the US state’s licensed sportsbooks during the month in question, breaking all previous records for the state’s sports betting figures.

September Earnings Break Records For Nevada

This massive figure has beat the state’s previous record of $557 million, which was recorded for sports bets taken during the month of November back in 2015. Over $370 million of the total posted for September was generated from bets on American football leagues, while another $142.4 million was placed on Major League Baseball games.

Furthermore, another $30 million was wagered on the Gennady ‘GGG” Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez boxing match, which was held at the T-Mobile Arena on the Las Vegas Strip on September 16. The remainder of the betting income for the month was produced by parlay cards and pari-mutual wagers bet in the state of Nevada itself.

Nevada currently offers 189 legal sportsbooks and sports betting offices, all of which won a combined $44.4 million from local punters during September. This figure shows an 8% increase over earnings from the same month last year. Of these earnings, returns gained from American football alone came to over $40.7 million (or around 91%) of the posted total.

August’s Super-Fight Maintains Its World Record

However, while these figures are indeed impressive, they still pale in comparison to the unbelievable rise in sports betting revenues experienced in August this year. The figure for this month came to well over $70 million, much of which was wagered on the legendary match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.

The superfight in August created a jaw-dropping 1,650% year on year increase in winnings for Las Vegas bookmakers, generating over $20 million in winnings for them alone. Mayweather remained undefeated as the favourite of the match, allowing bookmakers to cash in on huge revenues and even leading them to offer bets on a possible Mayweather comeback later next year.

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