New eSports Bitcoin Betting Site in the Works

Jake Cooper | 15 Jan 2018

New eSports Bitcoin Betting Site in the WorksTwo concepts dominated all of 2017: eSports and Bitcoin. Lars Lien and Mike Stevens, both previously involved with PokerStars, took good notice and plan to launch a brand new eSports betting site that will run on a Bitcoin-based platform, allowing punters to place bets on eSports events by making use of Bitcoins.

Punters will be able to bet on events by making use of cryptocurrencies as well as conventional in-game items. The main benefit of this is that there are no payment blockages standing in the way of punters placing their bets.

The duo is applying for a licence to run the new platform in the Isle of Man for a start, after which the goal is to expand to a more global exposure. During an interview, Lien related how they both worked for PokerStars in London, but eventually went their separate ways. They met up again in 2015, at which time Stevens was in the process of starting up a new online casino. The fact that both have an extensive background of having worked in the gambling industry is a decided plus.

The new site is expected to go live later this year and will be known as

Cashing In On The Benefits

The ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) will be based on the sale and purchase of a utility token (coin) which will be redeemable and usable on the site as well as an investment tool to ultimately start sharing in the profits of the company.

Lien is positive about the future of the site, especially for the fact that it will mainly be making use of a cryptocurrency as bartering mechanism. According to Lien, the main motivation behind the use of cryptocurrency on the site is the fact that it has already made a huge impact on the marketplace at large, and is bound to continue to do so, and make an even greater impact in the year to come and going forward into the future. This highlights the dominating rise of eSports and cryptocurrencies.

Lien has also said that the pair has ensured that their business model is free from any potential loopholes as far as misconceptions and fears regarding recent scams relating to cryptocurrency goes. Many scammers have pounced on the opportunities availed by cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in particular, and have taken advantage of the situation. Lien and Stevens have ensured that there will be no opportunity for a breach of security in this department when goes live.