New Mobile Betting Platform for Betsson

Jake Cooper | 15 Aug 2017

New Mobile Betting Platform for BetssonSwedish-based game and gambling company Betsson AB, listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm Large Cap List, has just announced the launch of a new mobile betting platform. The company, which also offers casino, Bingo, Poker and Scratchcard products, will roll out the new mobile service for its sportsbetting brands, Nordicbet, Betsafe and Betsson.

The upgrades were presented to Betsson AB’s stakeholder during the last H1 interim update. Some have already been introduced, and more are planned for later re-launches under Betsson’s proprietary, One Betsson Group front-end technology framework. The overall betting portfolio of the company, over several products, is expected to rise in value.

Maximum Profits are Expected

Betsson’s new betting service for smartphones and tablets coincides with the beginning of Europe’s Football season. The football season kicks off on 12 August 2017, and plenty of fans are expected to put money down on their favourite teams. It makes sense for Betsson AB to capitalise on this readily-available market. In fact, Betsson says that their customers have already shown that they like the platform’s upgrade. This is evidenced in longer sessions by visitors to the mobile site, and lower bounce rates.

The advent of the European Football season is not the only reason, however, that Betsson AB is looking forward to profiting from its mobile wagering platform. The company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Ulrik Bengtsson, has also commented on how much of an improvement the mobile sportsbook has undergone, and is clearly feeling confident in the product. He did acknowledge that the timing of the launch was fortuitous, and added that the new mobile sportsbook’s full effects were expected to be seen in the fourth quarter.

Specific Improvements to the Mobile Betting Platform

Upgrades to Betsson’s mobile betting services include introducing more sports betting markets, live streaming to smartphones and tablets, and an improved interface that is more functional and easier to navigate.

With Betsson’s mobile casino and mobile sportsbooks driving most of its growth for 2016, it is not surprising that this is where the company’s focus remains for 2017 and is perhaps indicative of the worldwide trend to use mobile technology more. Horseracing was also launched on a Betsson platform recently, on Betsafe in June 2017. The innovative company is always looking for ways to move forward, as any successful business must, and the upgrades to the mobile betting platform appear to be an important part of that plan.

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