NFL Star Ricky Williams Has A New Name

Jake Cooper - 30 May 2022

Former NFL player Ricky Williams has always been known for someone not afraid to challenge the status quo.

The former Heisman Trophy winner and rushing champion retired early only to return to the field for several more seasons. Even in the fight to legalise marijuana, Williams had been a true camp-fighter many years before US states started legalising it for recreational use. And he’s been a supporter of mental health awareness for as long as anybody can remember.

In short, Ricky Williams is a man who walks to the beat of his own drum.

But Williams has continued to swim against the stream even after retirement. He recently revealed that he had officially changed his name to Errick Miron, thereby taking on the last name of his wife of wife years.

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A Change For The Better

After an interviewer noticed his new name on Zoom, Williams explained that he had legally changed his last name already a year and a half ago. He said that he had been thinking and talking about making the chance for quite some time, and when he did, discovered that it was “quick and easy”. He also said that he experienced this motion to have a lot of meaning to him personally.

As for why he decided to make the change, Williams explained that the idea had been born from a desire to bring about a better balance to his marriage with wife Linnea.

Williams also said that he had learned a great deal about his wife after joining a relationship-astrology class.

A Stellar Career

Even though his last name by birth is tied to NFL glory, Williams said he doesn’t believe the change will affect him negatively from a personal branding point of view.

Williams retired with over 10,000 career rushing yards to his name – despite challenges such as injuries, a suspension, and even an early comeback from retirement.

This special milestone is shared by only 30 other running backs.

What’s more, Williams is also one of only three players to have rushed over 6,000 yards in both college football as well as the NFL. The other two players are DeAngelo Williams and Tony Dorsett.

Williams had been open about the mental challenges he had faced during his time in the NFL, including crippling social anxiety. He managed to deal with this in an open and transparent manner, much in the same way as how he overcame the pressure of being a first-round pick. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details