New NFL Scouting Speed Records Set

William Manwaring - 07 Mar 2022

When players manage to get noticed at the NFL scouting combine, they almost certainly have a bright future ahead. That is why the world of NFL as a whole will be keeping their eye on Kalon Barnes and Tariq Woolen. Both managed to achieve record matching 40 yard dash times, impressing everyone in attendance.

Barnes posted a stunning 4.23 seconds, a number that almost seems to defy belief. As far as records go, this is the fastest time ever for a defensive back, and the second fastest for a wide receiver. It is, of course, John Ross that holds the wide receiver record, having posted 4.22 seconds back in 2017. Fans witnessing the feat were out of their seats, both in amazement and celebration.

Barnes has played 41 career games for the Bears, though is only properly being recognised for his speed now.

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Bigger And Faster

Woolen managed equally as impressive a time. Though many consider his amazing posting of 4.26 even more of an achievement, given that Woolen is a massive 6 foot 4 and 205 pounds. His time is the 4th best in history, which only begs the question as to how fast he would be if he wasn’t also such a massive person.

The giant was asked before running what he thought his time would be, given that many rate him as amongst the fastest players in the world. He confidently responded that everyone will have to wait and see, hinting that he felt it will be a pretty good time. Little did everyone know that he would be tied with the fourth fastest in history. He was also asked how he managed to be so fast, given that he is also so tall. Woolen laughingly responded that even though he kept growing taller, he also just kept getting faster.

A Big Weekend For Speed

The scouting combine weekend as a whole saw impressive achievements. All in all 8 wide receivers managed to achieve times under 4.4, while even 12 of the offensive linemen managed to come in at just under 5.0.

Impressing in every regard, Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner blew fans away as he tore up the field. An also sizable 6 foot 2 and 190 pounds, Gardner came in at 4.41 seconds. Though it wasn’t just his speed that had fans cheering, as he also handled position drills with astonishing grace. It isn’t surprising that he is rated number 5 overall by ESPN, as well as the number 1 cornerback in the world.

Other players that shined included Kyle Hamilton, Dax Hill, and Lewis Cine, all of which posted times of under 5.0 seconds. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details