NRL Bans Exotic Bets In Under 20s Competition

Jake Cooper | 28 Mar 2017

NRL Bans Exotic Bets In Under 20s CompetitionIn the latest Sports Betting news Australasia’s National Rugby League (NRL) has made a move to ban gambling on its under 20s competition, as well as banning a range of bets in professional ranks in an attempt to strengthen the sport’s overall integrity.

In addition to the banned bets, bookmakers will now also be required to enter into a special arrangement with the NRL before they may offer betting markets on the matches in question.

The NRL Integrity Unit Chief Nick Weeks has confirmed that several novelty betting options have been ousted, noting that there is a ‘range of reasons’ why they do not consider the bets to be in the best interests of the game.

When asked for more details, Weeks revealed that the exotic bets are subjective, and may often cause conflict between fans, whether over metres run or the number of tackles made. These bets, he said, are susceptible to being manipulated, which is part of the reason why the NRL has chosen to discontinue them.

Nick Weeks Expects More Effective Market Regulation

Gambling has been around forever, Weeks said, and he noted that what the NRL is doing is essentially investing more into the game to ensure that it can effectively regulate the market and protect the sport’s integrity.

It is important here to note that players in the NRL and club personnel are not permitted to make any bets on NRL matches.

The new betting market rules were imposed prior to the Wests Tigers player Tim Simona standing down from the team for allegedly betting on last season’s matches. Simona must soon respond to the notice of intention issued by the NRL which will cancel his registration with immediate effect.

As for this particular gambling matter, Weeks could not give comment, saying only that the issue was an ongoing matter.

ARL Commission Chairman’s Dismissal Vote Postponed

In the meantime, the chairman of the Australian Rugby League Commission John Grant has been allowed to retain his position after a vote that could have seen him dismissed has been postponed until the end of this year.

Various NRL clubs have been opposed to Grant’s proposed funding model for the game, but Grant has revealed that he is pleased with the postponement of his hearing.

According to Grant, he and the clubs have been working through their issues, and the meeting to determine his future as chairman went as planned. He also noted that they are now on the edge of a new season, which indicates that changes may soon follow.

Previous happenings at the commission have not been positive for anyone involved, said Grant. He has mentioned that he hopes to avoid such conflicts in the future by means of open communication with NRL club personnel.