Ohtani Recognised At The MLB's Highest Level

Damon Parks - 28 Oct 2021

Shohei Ohtani is the stuff that MLB legends are made of.

And in recognition of that fact, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred on Tuesday presented Ohtani with the coveted Commissioner's Historic Achievement Award. Created by commissioner Bud Selig in 1998, the prestigious award is handed down at the sole discretion of the commissioner in office. Ohtani on Tuesday became the first player selected to receive the special recognition from Manfred, who succeeded Selig in 2015.

The award seeks to recognise and acknowledge those who are deemed to have made a significant impact on the sport. It salutes either a particular achievement during a specific year, or an overall career.

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Recognising A Special Year

Manfred chose a special time for handing down the award. Speaking ahead of Game 1 of the World Series at Minute Maid Park, he told Ohtani that he hadn't a doubt in his mind that the very first two-way All Star would have many more awards and accolades coming his way in the future.

Even so, he continued, 2021 had been such a special year that he considered it important to recognise Ohtani's achievements for this year in a way that singled it out from the rest.

Ohtani is only the 16th recipient of the Commissioner's Historic Achievement Award. Crafted by Tiffany & Co., it features a base fashioned out of sterling silver and a baseball of gold mounted on top.  

The two-way All Star said he felt honoured because he knew how special the award truly is. He said while he wasn't fully sure of his own deservedness, he would accept the special award with gratitude since it was being handed to him by Manfred.

There's No One Quite Like Him

When considering the phenomenal year Ohtani has had, it makes perfect sense that Manfred would have considered him more than deserving of the prestigious award and the recognition it brings.

Not only did Ohtani this year become the first pitcher since Babe Ruth (1921) to make a start while leading the Majors in home runs, but he also became the first pitcher since Cesar Tovar (1968) to start in the leadoff spot as well as on the mound.

It is this extraordinary ability to perform at the highest league of the sport as both pitcher as well as position player that impresses him most about Ohtani, said Manfred on Tuesday. This he said, required extreme courage of a player to make choices outside of the scope of tradition.

And to keep doing that over the course of a 162-game roster is precisely what makes Ohtani to tower head and shoulders above his contemporaries.

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