Naomi Osaka Has A Message For Her Haters

Jake Cooper | 17 Mar 2021

Tennis star Naomi OsakaNot only is she ranked No. 1 in the world by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), but Naomi Osaka is also fashion ambassador extraordinaire. But it seems not even being the newest House Ambassador for Louis Vuitton or TAG Heuer is fashionista enough to quiet down the haters accusing her of flaunting too much of this, and then again, too much of that.

She recently shared photos of herself sporting a bikini and wearing a luxury watch and bracelet on Instagram – both gifts from her boyfriend Cordae – thanking him on social media for helping her be “sunny and icey” at the same time. She seems to have adopted a much cooler approach this time round, and it’s no surprise either, considering the reproachable comments she had to suffer through last year July when she posted similar pics of herself poolside in a bikini.

It’s What 22-Year-Olds Do

When the 2021 Australian Open champion in July of 2020 shared photos of herself posing in a bikini on her Instagram account, she drew a range of responses.

Japanese users seemed most unimpressed by her attire, with some berating her about posting “half naked” images of herself to a public platform, and others yet, instructing her to have some “class”. Osaka at the time responded to her haters by explaining that the comments were actually creeping her out, and that as a 22-year-old, she considered it perfectly normal to be wearing a bikini when lounging next to the pool.

She also added that she could not fathom why tennis fans felt the need to comment on what it is she had chosen to wear to the pool.

Sister Mari Osaka Retires

Osaka’s sister Mari has in the meantime made an announcement of her own, being the sad news that she’s retired from the sport at just 24 years old.

Recently writing about her retirement on Instagram, the older of the two sisters said that professional tennis had been a journey she had ultimately not enjoyed, but that even so, she was grateful for the memories and support she’d gained from the sport over the past number of years.

Retiring as world No. 340, Mari had spent the majority of her career playing the lower-tier ITF circuit. She reached her highest personal ranking in 2018, when she ranked world No. 280.