Paddy Power Cashes In On Presidential Tiff

Jake Cooper | 09 Jan 2018

Paddy Power Cashes In On Presidential TiffA heated recent exchange between North Korean president Kim Jong-Un and US president Donald Trump has many experts concerned about whether or not a nuclear war could now be on the cards. However, amid these worries, online bookmaker Paddy Power has made a move to make as much profit as possible out of the debacle, taking a light-hearted approach with its newest betting market.

It is not unusual for bookies to take a tongue-in-cheek approach to political turmoil, and now, the Irish bookie has begun offering its punters a chance to make some money of their own from the latest debate on nuclear war between the two presidents mentioned above.

Wager On The Odds Of Nuclear War

The popular betting site has now posted a range of brand new betting markets relating to Kim Jong-Un and Trump. They include cheeky bets like which of the two famous leaders possesses a ‘bigger nuclear button’ - a direct response to Trump’s tweet about the size and power of his own nuclear button, which has garnered plenty of jokes and amusement from users of the social media platform.

Bettors at Paddy Power can even wager on when the theoretical nuclear war will end, and which of the two presidents will be the first to push their buttons and launch their nukes. Of course, it is not yet clear how punters will cash in on their bets should nuclear war break out, but the betting market is an entertaining one regardless.

Trump’s presidency has been especially profitable for bookies, having sparked a global interest in political wagering. This form of betting was once only tepid in terms of popularity, leaving punters to bet on the outcome of major elections – but now, betting on Trump’s outrageous actions has become a favourite pastime for millions.

Trump Spurs Brand New Markets

While political betting is notoriously volatile, Trump and Jong-Un seem to be quite well matched in their temperaments and likelihood of making heated decisions amid their threats of nuclear warfare. This has created an ideal betting market for Paddy Power, who is now offering wagers on which leader’s red button will be pushed first, which will receive a private Elton John concert (Kim at 5-1 and Trump at 1-4), and whether or not the two presidents will resolve their differences over a game of golf at odds of 800-1.

Aside from this, there are also numerous markets dedicated solely to Trump. Paddy Power offers an 11-1 bet on the Stock Exchange shutting down after Trump is officially impeached, not to mention a 50-1 bet on his visiting Vegas for the anniversary of his inauguration.

Punters can even place a 10-1 wager that the controversial president will completely make up a country’s name during a press conference – yet another contentious but jovial approach from the Irish online bookie.

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