PGA Tour Supporting Sports Betting

Jake Cooper | 06 Apr 2018

PGA Tour supporting sports bettingThe state of affairs relating to sports betting in the United States is volatile, to say the least. Currently, bettors can only legally wager on the outcome of a sports event in a single state, being Nevada. This has severely restricted the scope and reach of sports betting activities in the United States but may very well soon be a thing of the past. If the state of New Jersey succeeds in overturning the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), which was instituted and brought into force by congress in 1992, it will be an important first step towards changing the entire state of affairs as this is bound to have a ripple effect towards more states in the country.

Welcome news for interested parties is that Golf’s PGA Tour has now joined the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Major League Baseball (MLB) in voicing its support in favour of the expansion of sports betting in the United States.

Golf, and especially the PGA Tour, has always been regarded as an elite sport and organisation, and its support is deemed to be most welcome at such a crucial time in the decision-making process.

A New Voice

Up until now, the powers that be in the ranks of the PGA Tour have been relatively quiet on the matter of sports betting, but have recently issued a public statement saying that the PGA Tour does in fact support the motions brought by the NBA and the MLB as far as sports betting and the expansion thereof is concerned.

Representatives from the PGA Tour on Tuesday joined up with officials from the National Basketball League and Major League Baseball at a hearing held about the logistics and proposed legality of sports betting in Illinois.

Significant Proposals

The two leagues – the National Basketball League and Major League Baseball – have proposed certain regulatory safeguards in order to not only streamline the sports betting process, but also to ensure that it remains an endeavour that is marked by integrity and order.

The proposed rules include the institution of an integrity fee payable to sports competitions as well as putting certain measures in place to ensure that data used for wagering is only gleaned from reliable sources approved by the leagues.

The statement issued by the PGA Tour emphasises the importance of the proper regulation of sports betting in the bigger picture of bringing better betting products to fans, thereby boosting operations and revenue income as well as overall integrity in competition.