Andy Murray Fuming Over AO Forfeit

Jake Cooper - 18 Aug 2021

Three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray has cast a new shadow of doubt over the efficacy of the health protocols applied by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) at its London high-performance training facility. Murray had to forfeit his chances of competing in this year’s Australian Open tournament after he tested positive on January 14.

Murray is anything but happy with the test result, saying he had stuck to each and every one of the LTA’s protocols. He said that since he had not left either his own home or the National Tennis Centre (NTC) for a total of 10 weeks, he does not believe that he could have contracted the infection anywhere other but at the LTA’s training facility.

The tennis ace pointed out than when he trained at the facility back in April, out of a total of six indoor courts, only three were in use. Even though he says no tests were being conducted at the time, the gym was closed and all access to training facilities was closely monitored and heavily restricted. After Christmas, said Murray, the entire situation had changed, with crowds of people permitted in the gym at any given time.

Policing Isn’t Possible Says LTA

The LTA recently responded to Murray’s comments by insisting that it had all throughout implemented and followed the prescribed health and safety protocols as provided by government.

The organisation’s governing body explained via an official statement that it considered it unreasonable for anybody to expect LTA staff to continuously police every nook and cranny of every building for the duration of the entire quarantine period and tournament. Individuals were each responsible for their own behaviour and for ensuring that the rules be followed, reads the statement.

Murray Dogged About Blaming

Murray, his wife, and the couple’s three children have all tested positive, and this, more than anything else, appears to be what’s irking the multiple Grand Slam champion.

The star said earlier this week that even though his family are “OK”, he remains peeved off that he had been made to miss the tournament and going to Australia. He said that the most disappointing aspect remained that he had infected his entire family.

The former world No. 1 says he blames the British tennis association for his missing out on the AO, also revealing that he was feeling “pretty ill”. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details