Genius Sports New EPL Betting Data Provider

Jake Cooper - 14 May 2019

Football is watched and played the world over and no other sport has managed to even match its popularity, let alone surpass it. A data collection and distribution company named Genius Sports has been announced by the English Premier League as the new service provider for the collection and distribution of Premier League data to sports betting operators the world over. Not much has yet been revealed about the financial details of the deal.

The Premier League’s previous data distribution partner was the Perform Group. Going forward, Genius Sports will be performing the service in its entirety. The English Premier League has the most prominent profile in domestic football in the world. The League includes big-name football teams like Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool. All games played by English Premier League teams as well as those played by teams operating under the banner of the Scottish Professional Football League, will be the responsibility of Genius Sports.

No Compromise On Accuracy

If any one industry expects data to be accurate and on the ball, pre-emptive even, then it’s the global sports betting industry. Bettors rely on bookmakers to provide information that is accurate and on time, with bookies in turn looking to data providers to keep a steady stream of info coming without any interruptions.

Remaining ahead of the curve is vital, and without this particular faculty, bookmakers would be out of business in no time. Data is the fuel that drives the big league sports betting world. The mammoth task put to data collectors and distributors cannot be overestimated.

And The Winner Is Football

Football, and more specifically English football, isn’t just the most watched sport in the world; it’s also the sport most bet on. English football generates millions each week, and the matches all enjoy high-profile coverage. It’s this coverage that makes English Premier League football to be the sports betting gold-mine that it is.

According to statistics published by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), more than 46% of all sports bets wagered in the UK, are wagered on English Premier League football games and players.

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