Rankings Boost For Raducanu Despite Romania

Elizabeth Wagner - 03 Nov 2021

Despite a disappointing quarter-final Transylvania Open exit last week, US Open winner Emma Raducanu has still managed to boost her rankings by quite a bit.

The Brit climbed two places to an all-new career high of 21 following her opening couple of wins on the WTA Tour. Had she not fallen against Marta Kostyuk, she would have broken into the women’s top 20 for the very first time.

Still, that particular career-defining moment still may come this year. With Raducanu booked to play in Austria later this month, she’s projected to make her way sooner rather than later into the sport’s golden circle.

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Adjusting Will Take Time

The past few months have been an ongoing learning curve, said the young British star during a recent interview following her loss against Kostyuk in Romania. She said while she’s adjusting well to the daunting pace of life on the tour, she’s new to many things right now. She said she expected it would take a bit of time for her to fully adjust to her new life.

Offering advice to the young star has been retired German tennis legend Boris Becker. Himself once the youngest ever winner at Wimbledon at the age of only 17, Becker said he knows exactly the sort of challenges facing Raducanu right now.

Becker said what’s currently happening with Raducanu is a necessary step if she’s to achieve consistency in how she plays and performs. He said the fact that she won the US Open while playing only her second Grand Slam ever is a remarkable achievement.

She’ll Be Back – And Stronger

Regarding her obvious disappointment following her loss to Marta Kostyuk, Raducanu said that while momentarily deflated by the defeat, she’s planning on brushing it all aside and coming back stronger than ever before.

The Brit misfired horribly against her Ukrainian opponent, all of which led to a 6-2, 6-1 bashing completed in under an hour. Raducanu committed an off-standish 41 unforced errors during the gruelling one-sided affair.

Commenting on what went wrong after the match, the US Open star said she’d not been feeling 100% up to the challenge physically. She said she knew already since pre-match practice that it wasn’t going to be “her day”.

As for finding a new coach, the Brit said the search seems to be heading in a good direction. Raducanu stunned players and fans alike when she fired former Davis Cup player and coach Andrew Richardson mere days after her stunning win at Flushing Meadows.

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