Rafael Nadal – The Multi-Millionaire Tennis Star

Jake Cooper | 17 Jul 2018

A winner on court and offRafael Nadal is often referred to as the King of Clay, and for very good reason. He has an illustrious career in tennis, boasting 11 wins in the French Open. This alone elevates him above many other tennis stars, and marks him as a certified sporting legend.

He is one of the highest paid sports stars in the world, earning around $100 million for all his combined tennis achievements. But this is only a fraction of Nadal’s amassed wealth. Forbes recently reported that Nadal is worth around $300 million, earning him a place on the Forbes 100 richest people in the world list. He’s made a lot of money doing something he is passionate about, and you could do the same if you bet on him!

But he clearly didn’t earn this money just playing tennis, so what is the secret to the millionaire King of Clay’s enormous fortune?

Sponsorship And Real Estate – Athlete Gold

As with most athletes, the biggest key to the Nadal fortune is sponsorship. It’s the obvious choice for those who have millions of eyes on them every time they play, and certainly the smartest way to cash in on this benefit. Nadal has no less than 5 major sponsorship deals with brands such as Nike, Telefónica, Kia, Nestlé and Mapfre. Nike has been the most lucrative for him, as it has been with many athletes.

But it’s not just sponsorship that has made Nadal a multimillionaire. The savvy tennis champion also entered into the real estate business, managing to rack up a few extra millions. Reports say that he entered into a deal with a company operating out of Cozumel, located in the Mexican Caribbean. Nadal was tasked with promotion for two world-class luxury hotels, the Secrets Aura and Sunscape Sabor. No doubt his name in the tennis world came in handy, granting him just the right amount of attention.

Living Large

Nadal has not been secretive about his fortune, and made one of the boldest statements ever when he decided to play in the French Open wearing a Richard Mille watch. It may perhaps have been just another brand deal, but with a value of about $725,000, it certainly makes an impression. But that’s nothing in comparison to some of this other purchases.

It’s reported that Nadal owns an Aston Martin DBS, as well as Mercedes-Benz SL55. And when he gets tired of travelling around on four wheels, he jumps into his yacht. His MCY 76 yacht is valued at around $2.8 million and provides the perfect floating palace for the tennis star to get a little rest and relaxation in after playing in yet another Grand Slam.

Nadal hoists another trophyOther Athlete Multi-Millionaires

Millionaire athletes are not uncommon, and although Nadal seems to be living the good life, he doesn’t even compare to the fortunes earned by some other sports stars. Fellow Spanish sports star Fernando Alonso boasts a greater overall fortune than Nadal, and he doesn’t even come close to the money earned by American stars such as Tiger Woods, and Michael Jordan.

Golfer Tiger Woods, who largely also earned his fortune via brand deals with Nike, is listed in Forbes as being worth about $720 million. Michael Jordan, blazing across the basketball courts in the 90s, can thank Nike for giving him an outrageous fortune of around $1.4 billion. So, as far as becoming a sports star millionaire, and even a billionaire is concerned, sending an email to Nike doesn’t seem like a bad place to start!