Jon Gruden Resigns Over Explosive Emails

Jake Cooper - 13 Oct 2021

Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden has resigned from his post.

Gruden announced his decision to step down after even more emails containing racist, homophobic, and misogynistic content were leaked to the press. The emails were reportedly all sent before Gruden joined the Raiders in 2018.

According to a statement released by the now-former Raiders coach on Monday evening, the reason for his resignation wasn’t as much an admittance of guilt as it had been a desire not to be a distraction to the team because of the newly unearthed controversy. He emphasised how he loved the raiders and the fans, and that he had never purposefully meant to hurt or offend anybody.

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A Short And Awry Stunt

Gruden’s decision to step down came mere days after a prominent US news publication ran a story about how he’d often used offensive language directed at several prominent figures within the NFL – including Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The step-down follows a rapid decline for the now in-disgrace former coach. Now only in his fourth year with the NFL team following the signing of a mighty $100 million dollar contract in 2018, Gruden would have been left with many years of opportunities for making it work not only for the team, but also his own career in the NFL.

The tragic part, or at least for Gruden personally, is that the career-terminating emails were discovered quite by accident during an investigation of workplace misconduct at the Washington Football Team. The investigation not only unearthed the information it had set out to find, but also several forgettable emails sent by Gruden.

These showed Gruden to have been intolerant toward those players taking the knee against police brutality during the singing of the national anthem, not to mention gay players being part of the National Football League.

Raiders Not Siding With Gruden

While Gruden earlier apologised for his remarks about union chief DeMaurice Smith, referring to those as merely of an “insensitive” nature, he’s now been ousted as a regular user of derogatory language.

A league insider has since confirmed the authenticity of the emails in the US news giant’s possession, which were all forwarded to the Raiders last week.

According to Raiders owner Mark Davis, who commented on the emails last week, the language used by Gruden, and especially in reference to Smith, wasn’t the sort of behaviour the Raiders wished to associate itself with as a franchise.

Davis said the franchise is currently in the process of conducting a review into the additional emails recently revealed. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details