Record-Breaking Growth For The French Betting Industry

Jake Cooper | 31 May 2017

Growth For The French Betting IndustryARJEL, the main gambling regulator of France, has revealed some impressive statistics regarding its online sports betting industry so far in 2017. The French regulator has reported that online and mobile sports betting activities have grown 23% for the first quarter of this year compared to Q1 of 2016.

The massive growth in French online betting has officially set a new record for the local industry, with many other European countries enjoying a similar phenomenon so far this year. ARJEL has highlighted a number of key indicators in its latest report to show just how strong the betting market’s performance has been over the past 5 months.

France Posts 23% Increase In Betting In Q1

From €516 million in the first quarter of 2016, the total amount wagered at online sports betting platforms has grown to an impressive figure of €633 million in the same period of this year. The overall number of punters who placed at least one bet of any kind online in Q1 also increased, growing 10% over last year’s number to almost 1.5 million – another record for the French betting industry.

Next, the gambling authority revealed that the revenue generated from online sports betting early this year increased 16% year on year, standing at €4 million compared to €82 million in 2016.

Interestingly, the number of female sports bettors in France has also seen an upwards swing. The number of women who wagered this year increased by a whopping 40% over last year’s number, growing to 79,000 nationwide. This was almost double the increase in male punters that has been seen this year, with these numbers growing 21% to 829,000 French male bettors in total.

Tennis Betting Grows By 41%

Tennis was Q1’s most popular sport of choice, with year on year tennis bets surging by 41% and generating €129.5 million in gross gambling yield in the first quarter alone, compared to a modest €91.6 million for the same period of last year. ARJEL also noted that over half of these tennis bets were made through in-play betting.

However, tennis wasn’t the only sport to enjoy an increase in bets in Q1 of 2017. Football and basketball betting markets also saw a noticeable rise in wagers, with football betting growing by 18% to €348 million and basketball betting growing by 19% to €81.6 million.

One of the few French sports betting streams to see a decrease was horse racing, with online wagers decreasing by a marginal 1% from €247 million last year to €246 million this year. Online poker also saw a 2% overall drop in bets in Q1, showing a shift in the French public’s tastes when it comes to betting markets.