Josh Richardson Gets One-Year Celtics Extension

Jake Cooper - 25 Aug 2021

Some basketball players might be enjoying the only quiet moment in the NBA calendar, but the Boston Celtics’ Josh Richardson is not one of them. The player is said to be earmarked for a one-year extension with the team, possibly as a route to him being traded for another player.

According to reports, the Celtics agreed to a $12 million extension for the 27-year-old player, who they acquired from the Dallas Mavericks in an earlier offseason trade.

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A Disappointing Season

Richardson’s season with the Mavericks was less than spectacular, as can be seen from the statistics. He averaged 12.1 points, 2.6 assists, and 3.3 rebounds per game, and shot 33% from 3-point land and 42.7% from the field.

The disappointing performance led to Richardson being left out of the rotation for most of the last few basketball games of the team’s first-round playoff series in which they faced the Los Angeles Clippers. What made his performance all the disappointing is that the player is known for being a versatile defensive wing who doesn’t need to have the ball in his hands to make a valuable contribution to offense.

Richardson proved that during his 2019 campaign with the Miami Heat. Since then, however, he has been in decline, which was evident from his performances with the Philadelphia 76ers, the Mavericks, and the Celtics.

Despite his discouraging performance, the Celtics were happy to give him an extension. The basketball player previously worked with the team’s new head coach, Ime Udoka, when he was based in Philadelphia. As much as it made sense to bring Richardson in for a one-year audition and an opportunity to reinvent himself, extending his stay before he has played a single game with the team makes less sense – unless there’s the possibility of a future trade.

Celtics Planning A Trade?

Richardson’s $12-million one-year extension with the Celtics may have been added because the team wants a third star player to complement Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. One name that has been bandied about as a potential trade for the team is the Washington Wizards’ Bradley Beal.

If Celtics does want to trade Richardson for Beal or another excellent player, the basketball team would need to be able to match salaries. At approximately $12 million, Richardson could do it without the team needing to include Robert Williams or Marcus Smart. How this all plays out for Celtics remains to be seen. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details