Rockets Vs Mavs March 12 NBA Game Preview

Dean Riley - 09 Mar 2022

For the Houston Rockets, Sunday’s victory over the Memphis Grizzlies meant they finally snapped a disastrous 12-game winning streak.

For the Rockets, the struggle had clearly been largely a mental one, as once they gained the lead, they played like a revitalised team. But the question to be asking right now is whether they’ll be able to hold on to this resolve to turn their performance around – and especially so since they’ll be up against fellow southwesters the Dallas Mavericks at the Toyota Center on March 12.

For the Rockets, their story seems to be one of a major rebuild right now. And even though fans know they’re rooting for one of the worst teams in the NBA, wins like the one against the Grizzlies make for a much-needed reprieve at a crucial time in the season.

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Tanking Or Rebuilding?

For Rockets General Manager Rafael Stone, the idea seems to be to create a winning team culture – even while the team continues to lose games.

But all things considered, the Rockets aren’t exactly tanking. This would mean playing rookies over veterans to create losses on purpose. It would also mean playing a guy like Jalen Green at maximum potential instead of merely just knowing that he’s not even close to ready for such a challenge.

An outcome of such a tank wouldn’t be all that different to what Rockets fans are seeing right now, being a situation of supporting the worst team in the Western Conference. This makes it difficult to determine whether they’re taking or actually working on a rebuild.

Dallas Mavs On A Streak

The Dallas Mavericks, meanwhile, won their fourth straight game on Saturday night when they reigned victorious over the Sacramento Kings. Leading the Mavs had been Spencer Dinwiddie with 36 points and 7 assists.

The Mavs were without cornerstone player Luka Doncic, and by the time the first quarter drew to a close, they were trailing the Kings 36-26.

They failed on the defense throughout most of the second quarter as well, with several players committing fouls.

But by the third quarter, they finally managed to gain some ground before stripping Sacramento’s lead down to five points on more than one occasion.

Dallas fans would agree that watching Dinwiddie do his magic is a thing of pure delight. It had been his drives that kept the Mavs in the game on the weekend, and he’ll be looking to put on the same performance when his team takes on the Rockets. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details