Bookmakers Flooded With Royal Baby Name Bets

Jake Cooper | 18 Apr 2019

Meghan marklePrince Harry may be the younger of England’s two princes, but there’s no arguing the fact that the British have always had a particularly soft spot for the late Diana’s fire-headed beauty.  And so it’s no surprise that main-street bet shops in London are being bombarded with bets hinged on whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are about to have a baby girl or a baby boy, and also whether or not; if it’s a girl of course; Harry and Megan’s first-born will be named after her famous grandmother, Diana.

So convinced are people that it’s going to be a girl, says sports betting giant William Hill, that the bookmaker has called a halt on all bets relating to the baby’s sex. The brand says that its convinced that the sex of the baby must have leaked to the public at some point, as an average of 73% of all bettors are willing to put down fistfuls of cold hard cash on the off-chance that the baby is a member of the fairer sex.

But Betfair and Coral aren’t convinced that this is in fact the case and have kept the bet lines going. Considering the power of assumption, someone claiming to be in the know for popularity’s sake, and even a case of mistaken identity with stolen glances at the scans, the possibility of the baby being a boy remains very much on the table.

Maybe Not Diana

What most bookmakers do seem to agree upon is the fact that the child will in all likelihood not be named after Diana, the late princess of Wales, and for obvious reasons. For one, anyone named after the departed princess of hearts would in all likelihood not have a moment’s privacy. If that were to be the case right from the moment someone is born, and indefinitely so into the future, it would be the making of a very challenging childhood indeed.  

And yet, England’s betting community seems dead set on including the name Diana as a viable option. Other names on the guess-lists include Grace, Victoria, Arthur (for a boy) and Alice.

One, Two Or Three?

Another very popular prediction is that of the royal couple having twins. So much so that many bookmakers have now pulled this option from the lines as well. More exotic novelty bets include the couple having quadruplets, the baby being named Muhammad and even in the case of Paddy Power, a futures line predicting who will go bald first between William and fair Harry’s off-spring.