Simmons Likely To Get The Exit He Wants

Jake Cooper - 22 Oct 2021

It now seems imminent that Ben Simmons will in fact be leaving the Sixers on a trade – and probably sooner rather than later.

Simmons appears to have checked out mentally as well as emotionally already. This is clear form his levels of disinterest in his team so clearly on display during a recent training session – and the sort of disinterest so clear for everybody to see that he got sent home by coach Doc Rivers for not pulling in the same direction as everybody else.

Not only did he get booted from training, but he was also suspended from playing in the Sixers’ season-opener against the New Orleans Pelicans – and with a $440,000 fine for missing the game to boot.

He’s Moving Out

Another move spelling an impending move for Simmons is the fact that only shortly after the training suspension ordeal, he proceeded to list his Moorestown mansion for sale. The 1,000 square metre home, which is located about 37km from Philadelphia, has been put up for sale for nearly US$5 million.

He has also reportedly now listed his home at the Ritz-Carlton for nearly US$4 million.

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Morey Says He Won’t Go Cheap

Still – moving Ben Simmons will not come cheap. Reiterating the fact yet again was 76ers President of Basketball Operations, Daryl Morey, during an interview earlier this week. Morey once again doubled down on his stance regarding a potential decision either way.

While Morey has long voiced a desire for the Sixers to receive a “difference maker” in return for Simmons, he said on Monday that trading the star for merely “role players” did not make sense, and never will.

While Simmons hasn’t publicly addressed the media since his reported request for a trade during the off-season, Morey’s stance on the matter is no secret. He this week made it clear once again that the team remains prepared to deal with any future antics posed by the guard as he tries to make the move out of Philadelphia happen.

Morey said he could not help but be entertained by some of the things he’d been reading on social media, and specifically how Simmons has been causing “tough times” the Sixers players and coaches. Morey said that the exact opposite is true. The team and the coaches, he said, are all in a pretty great place. They’re all united about where they are and where they’d like to be, he explained.

The drama surrounding Simmons and Philadelphia can largely be traced back to Game 7 of the Eastern Conference. After the series loss to the Atlanta Hawks, coach Doc Rivers and centrepiece Embiid both had several remarks along the lines of Simmons being to blame for the Sixers’ early exit from the post-season. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details