Pioneers With Crypto First

Jake Cooper | 08 May 2018 has introduced the cash-out feature to its player has positioned itself in a market first by introducing a brand-new cash-out feature, which it says is a first as far as the cryptocurrency betting market is concerned. is a Bitcoin-led sportsbook and as such, deems keeping up with the position that prevails in the real money betting market to be a priority.

The cash-out feature allows players to cash out of bets early in order to ensure that they get their money back. They are also able to opt out of wagers that have already been placed. These are regular functions in the real money gaming market, but until now, has not been a working part of the crypto-plethora. confirmed that the feature had in fact been installed and activated as a result of an increased demand by customers to enjoy the perks of a function that was already present in the rest of the non-cryptocurrency market.

A Quality Experience

Director of sportsbook at, Joe Mccalum, has said that offering a quality betting service not only requires excellent betting content, but it was also necessary to provide punters with a real quality user experience. He said that introducing the cash-out feature was a sure-fire way to improve the overall user-experience. Especially since bettors had asked for the feature specifically.

Mccalum went on to say that ensuring customer satisfaction was even higher up on the company’s priority list than what was its reputation as being the premium crypto-sportsbook in the iGaming market.

A Logical Move

Blockchain technology is changing the face of the iGaming landscape, and it’s now become a matter of being in or losing out. It stands to good reason that something like cryptocurrency should have made such an impression on the gaming industry as a whole as the casino industry in and of itself, has always been at the forefront of technological advancement and continuously places itself ahead of the pack as far as consumer trends are concerned.

All in all, when one considers the very building blocks and positive features of blockchain technology, being cost-effective and offering unrivalled levels of transparency and protection of data, it stands to reason that the casino industry would have been one of the very first industries to have employed and rolled out the technology within its own functional spectrum of operations.

Cryptocurrency in the gaming industry is here to stay and companies like is making the most of the technology.