NFL Update On Tom Brady’s Future

William Manwaring - 02 Mar 2022

The world of NFL watched with a heavy heart as the legendary Tom Brady announced his retirement. But it also isn’t uncommon for star players to return after officially calling it quits. He could get straight back into the saddle with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, or possibly even join an opposing team. Who really knows when it comes to a sport this broad and competitive?

Bruce Arians spoke on the matter recently, though his words weren’t exactly a surprise. Arians declared that the door will never be closed for Brady, and that if the star ever wants to come back there will be plenty of money waiting for him.

Though the coach was quick to add that the legend certainly isn’t currently considering a return, and hasn’t even mentioned anything of the sort.

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Going To Another Team

Speculation has already been rife that Brady will return, with some even suggesting that he would be back to play in 2022. But what if he made his return, and went to a different team? According to Arians, this just isn’t going to happen. He stated plainly that letting the star go to another team would simply be bad business, and can never be allowed.

But there is another question that has to be answered, and it’s probably the biggest question on all Buccaneer fan’s minds right now. Who will be brought in to fill the quarterback vacancy?

The coach was upfront about the matter, saying that there simply aren’t that many high quality quarterbacks available right now. Though, he did remind that Kyle Trask has already been drafted to fill the spot, stressing that the player is capable of everything needed to make a complete team.

Trade The Only Option

The free agent market currently does not offer any players that could change the tides of a game, but Arians did bring up veteran player Blaine Gabbert. Gabbert is currently set to be a free agent, and the coach hinted that he might just be a good option.

At the end of the day it seems as if all eyes are on the veteran Gabbert as far as the 2022 season is concerned. The coach declared that the only option for a good quarterback seems to be a trade, but reiterated that a trade is no likely to happen at the moment. Hence Arians concluded that it will be a season with Gabbert and Trask occupying the quarterback role for the time being.

No doubt Buccaneers fans will interested to see how the team does without the legendary Brady acting as their backbone. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details