Blue Jays Hot Streak Keeps Going

Damon Parks - 20 Sep 2021

Currently, Toronto is one of the biggest names in baseball right now. This follows their most recent victory while playing against Tampa Bay – with the Blue Jays walking away with the 16th win of the last 19 games that they’ve participated in. It’s a steak that has allowed to the team to transform in to something of a true threat on the field, and one that other teams are quickly starting to fear.

In fact, some might argue that they are also currently the very best team that the American League has to offer right now, and finally have the opportunity to go as far as reaching the World Series for the first time since the 1992-93 season, one where they saw just as many wins.

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Upcoming Events

With their latest victories already in the bag, Toronto will next be playing against Minnesota. That means that they are now just eight matches behind Tampa Bay, who have tied with the Yankees and Boston. The Blue Jays also are slightly behind both the Chicago White Sox and Houston. Despite that, Toronto remains the team to beat if the other teams don’t make any serious headway in upcoming games.

Their winning streak couldn’t come at a better time – they have managed to outscore their opponents 120-61, which is an average of around 8-4. One of their most impressive victories so far took place against Baltimore, where Toronto beat their competitors for 44 runs in a total of three games. The team is nigh unstoppable at this point in the game, and with any luck they will continue to push forward despite the challenges they still face.

What They Still Need To Do

Regardless of how well they are doing, the Jays still have plenty left still to do before they can qualify for the World Series. They are still not quite catching up to Tampa Bay for AL East and are trapped in something of a tie with the Red Sox and Yankees as they case after the wild cards.

One of these teams will not make it to the playoffs, while the other two will be facing one another in a wild card duel, making it impossible to know just how things are going to turn out. But given their track record so far, the Jays’ are still one of the best contenders around. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details