Trumps Odds Of Impeachment Spike

Jake Cooper | 19 May 2017

Donals Trump OddsBetting on the US presidential elections brought in record-breaking wagers from avid spectators across the globe. Now, thanks to the sudden and unexpected dismissal of James Comey, the former director of the FBI, the betting odds of Donald Trump being impeached have shot sharply upwards.

Very few US presidents have ever been the subject of as much disagreement than the 45th elected leader of America, who is has been almost constantly wrapped up in some form of controversy since he was elected. However, most recently it has been Comey in the firing line instead – for apparently mishandling classified files related to Clinton’s email investigation.

President Trump has admitted that his mind was more on his current discussions with Russia – which he termed ‘this Russia thing’ than the case at hand when he fired Comey from the FBI. The ex-director has now decided to fight back, leading a new investigation into the relationship between Trump’s peers and Russian delegates before he was removed from his post.

Public Draws Parallels To Watergate Scandal

In an interview with NBC News, Trump noted that accusations of him collaborating with Russia is nothing short of an excuse made by Democrats – the opposition movement in the US – due to their loss of the presidential elections earlier this year.

Accusations aside, Trump’s move to fire Comey has immediately raised public suspicions due to an all too familiar scenario playing out. Many remember the scandal raised by President Richard Nixon when he dismissed Archibald Cox, the director investigating the Watergate Scandal back in 1973.

Many have drawn parallels between Nixon’s actions and those of Trump, which has caused understandable speculations considering that Nixon resigned from office just a year later after congress voted to have him impeached.

Major Sportsbooks Offering Rising Odds Of Trump’s Impeachment

Online sportsbook Bodog has noted that the odds of President Trump completing an entire term in office as US president stands at -130 – while his odds of being impeached are at around +125. The odds of the president being convicted by the US Senate are at an even higher mark of +400 for punters.

Another outcome is also possible: Trump’s resignation. Bodog notes that the odds of the infamous leader resigning during his first term at +250. Bets are even being made available on Trump’s date of resignation, with odds of the president leaving in 2017 at +350, in 2018 at +400, and in 2019 at +450.

Finally, the odds of Donald Trump remaining at his position as leader of the USA until 2020 or later is estimated at around -120. Bodog has listed the chance of each movement retaking the White House in 2020 as -155 for the Democrats, and +125 for the Republicans, who currently hold the office.