Twitter Nixes William Hill Logo on WC 2018 #

Jake Cooper | 10 Jul 2018

Twitter Removes William Hill Logo From 2018 WC HashtagSocial media giant Twitter this week removed bookmaker William Hill’s signature emoji from all hashtag links involving the #ItsComingHome tweet starter link. This after the social media network came under fire for having (seemingly unwittingly) participated in the promotion of gambling services and products to underage users.

Fans of the English football team have been making use of the Its Coming Home phrase in order to celebrate the English team’s progression through the various stages of the World Cup. The inspiration behind the catch phrase is the chorus of the 1996 song Three Lions (Lightning Seeds). Three Lions was written as an ode to commemorate England’s role as host to the 1996 European Football Championship.

The song has now been resurrected by English fans and is being used as a chant and slogan to enforce the idea that football was in fact returning to its original homeland, being England.

All About Football

England defeated Sweden on the weekend and in so doing, reaches the semi-final rounds of the World Cup for the first time since 1990. For a football-loving country like England, this is a very big deal. As such, the ItsComingHome hashtag has gained a lot of momentum and is featuring all over Twitter.

The fact that the William Hill emoji appeared next to the hashtag has attracted a lot of criticism, so much so that Twitter has now removed the branding from the hashtag slogan.

The emoji depicted a football kit featuring the William Hill logo. The reason for this is that William Hill had sponsored the hashtag since the start of the World Cup, being part of its promoted trends and First View advertising campaign.

The problem started when it became clear that the hashtag was being used by various other popular brands, some of which were aimed at teenagers and young, underage, adults. Despite the fact that it can be argued that this was most probably never the intention of the British bookmaker, the use of the hashtag has attracted major league criticism.

The Nature Of The Web

It stands to reason that younger users would be exposed to all kinds of advertising on Twitter, as the social media giant permits all users 13 years or older, to open an account. Twitter has ultimately ended up removing the branding after pressure from all ends of the advertising scope.

British bookmaker William Hill has refrained from commenting.