Unikrn To Offer eSports Betting in 20 More Countries

Jake Cooper | 30 Oct 2018

Unikrn license news

Up until recently, Las Vegas-based eSports betting company Unikrn offered real money as well as token-based wagering services on events in the United Kingdom and Australia. Now, thanks to a new licence granted to the company by the Isle of Man, Unikrn will be able to extend its reach to the United States, multiple European markets, Asia, Latin America, and even South Korea.

Especially popular in Southeast-Asia, players earn millions of dollars every year in endorsements alone. Tournaments attract crowds the size of which fills national arena’s, and streaming facilities like Twitch has opened up a whole new world of opportunities where a combined sports betting-professional video gaming sector is just waiting to explode and flourish.

Now that Unikrn has been granted the additional licence by the Isle of Man, it will really be able to tap into Asian markets, where players are already in the business of making a full-time living from eSports. What’s more, not only will members of the general population be in a position to place bets on tournaments via Unikrn’s site, but players too, will be able to place bets on themselves!

A Regular Instalment

By now, eSports no longer needs any introduction. Yes, the world of competitive video gaming. Already a multi-million dollar market, the activity previously associated with troubled teens hiding away in their rooms with only the feint noise of activity to be heard in the distance and an all-night sliver of light escaping from underneath a door, video gaming has blasted from behind closed doors onto sold-out arena stages.

And now, thanks to legislation passed in the Isle of Man, players accessing events from the Unikrn betting platform will be in the exciting position of being able to place legal bets on their favourite games, tournaments and teams, in more countries than ever before.

Playing Catch-Up

Many are of the opinion that it will not be too long before eSports has become every bit as popular as mainstream sporting events. As a matter of fact, mainstream sports believes that it is playing catch-up at an alarming rate, which is exactly why many professional teams are now the proud owners of a team of their own.

The truth is, a generation not accustomed to a world where the Internet and games and 24-hour live streaming don’t exist, will in all likelihood have different digital entertainment needs than when the opposite was true. This is exactly the shift in dynamic that is taking place all over the world, as and a result, major mainstream sports like American Football isn’t quite the hit with today’s younger viewer than what it was 30+ years ago.