Utah Jazz vs Dallas Mavericks Past Games NBA Trivia

Dean Riley - 20 Dec 2021

The rivalry between Utah Jazz and the Dallas Mavericks has been brewing slowly for quite some time and there’s plenty of NBA trivia about the two. Jazz is the older team, having been founded in 1974. So, when they first met the Mavericks in 1980, they were an established team, while the Mavericks were brand spanking new. Their experience paid off the first five times they faced off during the regular season, until the Mavericks finally broke Utah’s streak in March of 1981. The seeds of a rivalry had been planted, but it would be some time before things began to get heated.

Regular Season

Utah has the edge on Dallas when it comes to the regular season, with 104 head-to-head wins to Dallas’ 75. Their faceoffs during the regular season are characterized by long winning streaks: Jazz overwhelmingly triumphed in 1980, 1985, from 1990-1994 and again from 1997-1999. After that, the Mavericks began to climb and came out on top against Utah in 2002, won most games from 2004-2006, had a long winning streak from 2010-2012 and again from 2013-2015.

The last few years have seen a more even spread of wins and losses for each team. Has the rivalry become more even-handed, or is Utah tipping the scales against Dallas once again? Only time and NBA trivia pundits will tell.

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Despite their frequent games against each other in the regular season, Jazz and Mavericks have only gone head-to-head in playoffs twice in NBA history. The first time was in 1986, when both teams were still fairly young. 1986 was the year following one of Utah’s streaks against the Mavericks. In the 1985-86 season, the Mavericks were turning Utah’s streak on its head and had won five out of the 6 games they played against them.

Cut to 1986 playoffs where the two teams met in the first round. Out of the four series they played, the Mavericks won every single one against Jazz. The rivalry seemed to be tipping in their favor once again – for the time being.

Utah and Dallas faced off a second time in playoffs in 2001, again in the first round. This came at a time when the two teams were relatively even, after Utah had dominated Dallas throughout the 1990s. Despite initially trailing 2-0, the Mavericks ended up defeating 4th-seeded Jazz, and won their first playoff series since 1988. The team continued to with their revival throughout the 2000s, winning against Jazz until for most of the games they played against them until 2015.

Now Jazz is once again clawing their way to the top. They wowed NBA trivia buffs and fans by earning the best regular season record last season. It remains to be seen whether their hold will last or whether the Mavericks will sweep the rug from under their feet once again.

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