West Ham Stars Test Their CS:GO Skills

Jake Cooper | 22 Feb 2018

West Ham Stars Test Their CS:GO SkillsFootball and eSports have long been totally separate topics in the gaming world – but Betway is aiming to change that. Over the past few years, there has been a growing rate of collaboration between eSports teams and football clubs, and it is Betway that has planned the latest collaboration between these two worlds in an exciting new challenge.

Betway has united football team West Ham with the members of world-renowned Counter Strike eSports team, Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP) for a thrilling Betway eSports Challenge. The challenge saw two of West Ham’s biggest stars battling it out in a totally new environment as they went head to head in a CS:GO virtual tournament for the first time. Neither Michail Antonio nor Javier Hernandez have ever played the game professionally before, so naturally, some coaching was needed before the tourney kicked off.

NiP members ‘f0rest’ and ‘GeT_RiGhT’ helped to train the two football pros in a quick tutorial, giving them an idea of how to play the game and offering them some professional tips and tricks to use once the action begins.

Betway Fuses Sports And Gaming

The unique challenge was both designed and sponsored by Betway, one of the world’s leading online gaming and sports betting operators. Betway has long been a primary sponsor for West Ham, and they have also been sponsoring Ninjas in Pyjamas for almost two years. To the bookie, this created the perfect opportunity to fuse the two worlds together and offer fans of the two sports something totally different to enjoy.

West Ham is without a doubt one of the world’s most spoken-about football teams, and in the world of eSports, NiP are also one of the teams that almost everyone knows due to their incredible success over the years. NiP could certainly be considered the legends of the eSports world, not to mention one of the most highly skilled CS:GO competitive teams in the ring with a whopping £2,000,000 in tournament winnings to date.

Part 2 Of Challenge Coming Soon

The concept of getting football stars to play competitive video games may be thrilling in itself, but Betway’s challenge doesn’t end there either. In the next video, members of NiP will receive their turns to test their football skills on the field, which will no doubt be as entertaining – if not more so – than the first part of the challenge!

More details about when the second half of the challenge will take place will be made available at Betway Insider, so be sure to check in regularly so as not to miss out on the upcoming action.

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