William Hill Has Major Plans For US Market

Jake Cooper | 20 Aug 2018

William HillFollowing the recent overturning of PAPSA, the United States has suddenly become one of the most lucrative and most promising sports betting markets in the world. Many major bookmakers have indicated their interest in the re-regulated US market and operators are excited about what this may mean for the industry in the long run.

One such bookmaker is William Hill. The UK-based mega iGaming brand has been active in the US for quite some time, but to a limited extent as a result of the restrictions imposed on sports betting endeavours by PAPSA.

Now that PAPSA has been completely struck down, those restrictions are out of the way, and the bookmaker has confirmed elaborate plans for expansion in the country. Its sports betting risk management services enjoy world-class status and these will enjoy top priority as far as expansion in the US market is concerned.

Many New Opportunities

In addition to the roll-out of the  risk management services portfolio, William Hill also plans to make available its sports betting technology to land-based casinos across the country.

This is subject to regulatory approval, but with PAPSA out of the way, the sky is the limit for the bookmaker, what with the US market being one of the largest in the world.

PAPSA Contravened Constitution

PAPSA (short for the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) outlawed the act of betting on professional as well as amateur sports in the country. The Supreme Court eventually ruled PAPSA to be in contravention with the constitution as it infringed on certain rights provided for by the US constitution. The Department of Justice as well as the NCAA were opposed to the scrapping of PAPSA, but thanks to the State of New Jersey’s relentless determination and many years of hard work and determination, the restrictions were eventually lifted.

Building On Existing Success

As mentioned previously, William Hill had already enjoyed a presence in the US market for many years, but to a very limited extent. The bookmaker now plans to move into 14 additional states as it looks to make its mark on the future of sports betting in the United States.

Previously, sports betting was only legal in Nevada and Delaware.