Types of Football Bets

We’ve got all the top betting sites for you here, obviously, but we go a lot further to helping you have a successful punting career. We also explain the different sports to you, and what to look out for. We also, just as importantly, explain the different possible wagers to you. If you’re interested in learning more about Football bets, we’ve explained the most common, most popular options here.

Full Time Results

By far the most frequent football bet, this is usually based on predictions for the match results after 90 minutes of play. You might see it called Win Lose Draw, or WLD.

Accumulator Bets

As you get more comfortable with Football betting, you might find that Full Time Results become quite easy to predict. For more challenge and more reward, consider trying multiple bets, called Accumulators.

You’ll be betting on the results of several different matches, and will win considerably more than with single bets if you are right. But you need to hit every prediction, which can be tricky, or you’ll forfeit everything. The risks are high, but so are the rewards!

Draw No Bet

This is similar to the Full Time Result bet, except that here you do not have the option to draw. You can bet on either team winning by full time, but if there is a tie you get your stake back. This may sound perfect, but its drawback is that the odds on each team winning are reduced because of the draw.

First Goal Scorer

Here you need to name the player who will get the first goal of the game. The No Goal Scorer option means you think no goals at all will be scored within normal playing time. This is an easy sports bet to place, and it’s great for beginners too.

Each Way Bet on First Goal Scorer

This later development of the First Goal Scorer bet gives you more chance of winning. If your predicted first scorer does not make the first goal but does net the second or the third one, you still get paid out. For the first goal you get half the total money, and the second half of the money is paid out for a first, second or third goal score. The odds for this bet are close to ¼ outright odds.

Double Delight and Hat Trick Heaven

These sports bets are very popular, but they are not available with all online bookmakers. They are exclusive to Betfred, and are coupons that allow you to increase the profits you make on first scorer bets. If your prediction is the first scorer and he goes on to get another 1 or 2 goals, you can double or treble your wins respectively.

Over/Under Bets

These simple sports bets are great for beginners who are still getting familiar with the world of Football betting. All you are betting on is whether the total number of goals scored at the end of normal playing time will be over or under a number that is set by the bookie.

Correct Score Bets

For Correct Score Bets, you need to accurately predict what the score will be after the normal 90 minutes of play. The odds here are usually quite high because every match has several possible score lines. To be successful here, you really need to have a good understanding of a team’s scoring habits.

Half Time/ Full Time Bets

Also called Double Result Bets, these involve correctly predicting the half time and full time score in a single wager.

Half Time Result

With these sports bets, as you might have guessed by now, you’re putting money on what the scores will be at Half Time. The score includes any goals made during the injury time of the game’s first half. As with the Full Time bet, you have the 3 WLD options. Bet on a half Time draw if you think the game will be tied, and that neither team will take the risk of venturing forward.

Last Goal Scorer Bets

Last Goal Scorer bets are similar to First Goal Scorer bets, but they work in reverse; you name the player who will net the last goal of the game. The odds for this on any given player are the same as the odds on that player scoring the first goal. This is a good option for seasoned punters, who understand the individual players and the overall teams very well.

Cash Out Options

Cash out options are becoming more common at online sportsbooks, and allow you to cash out your bets while an event is still in play. It gives you more control of your money – if you feel a game might stop going your way you can cash out your winnings or your stake before that happens.

Practice Makes Perfect

The more time you spend placing the different Football bets at our reviewed bookmakers, the more you will understand them and the beautiful game of football itself. Unlike games of chance, sports betting really is something you can get better at over time – and then, of course you’ll win more and have an even better time. Check out some of sportsbooks that we recommend, and browse through our guidelines on what to look for when betting on Football games first.