How to Multibet

When you’re first starting out as an online punter, you want to stick to bets that are as simple and straight as possible while you learn the ropes. But after some time has passed, we know you’ll want more of a challenge – and more of a payout.

Multibets, also often called Accumulators or Parlays, are a great solution when you feel like you need more from your online punting activities. They are high-risk and high-reward; you’re putting multiple bets on a single ticket so your odds increase, but so do your potential wins. And, of course, so does your adrenaline level!

How Exactly do Multibets Work?

In a Multibet, you are essentially taking all of the single bets you were going to place and putting them on one ticket. Each separate wager is called a leg, and the overall odds of the Parlay are calculated by multiplying the odds of every involved leg together.

When your leg is successful, the original bet from that leg and its dividend are staked on the next leg. This can accumulate into a massive payout, and the more legs that are involved in a Multibet, the more you stand to get. But the more legs you add, the more precarious things become too.

For Multibets to be successful, every single bet on the ticket should win. As soon as you lose, the chain is broken and you forfeit everything. That’s why you should only take on these Parlays, rewarding and thrilling as they are, when you’ve built up a lot of confidence and you feel very sure of yourself as a punter.

You might find that the online betting site you choose has limitations on the amount of legs you can include in your Multibet. If this is the case the limitation is usually around 15 or 20 per leg, and is there to ensure that bookies don’t have to pay out excessive amounts if a huge Parlay wins all its legs.

We suggest starting small, with a few bets on one ticket, and choosing wagers that you feel very sure of. You can place different types of bets with different odds on an Accumulator ticket, so it’s easy to go with those that you feel have the best shot.

Choosing Your Multibet Legs

Deciding on each individual Multibet leg is not really any different to deciding how you’d bet on them if they were single wagers. Weigh up the odds and think carefully about what you know about past performance and current conditions, in each case.

Not every online sportsbook offers Multibets, but there are plenty on our list of reviewed sites that do. They differ on how exactly to place an Accumulator bet on their mobile and online platforms, but it’s always very simple and the comprehensive how-to and help pages will show you exactly what to do.

And that’s really all there is to it. The process of placing a Multibet is simple; it’s deciding on each of the legs that is tricky. If you feel like your skill and insight are up to it, go forth and multiply your wins!