Getting To Grips With Spread Betting

Spread Betting refers to a range of different bets that you can place on an event. This can be a sporting event, or even a financial one. Spread Betting differs from other bets in that you are wagering on the accuracy of an outcome, rather than simply winning or losing.

The spread is the range of possible outcomes and you wager on what you think is the most likely outcome in any given scenario. This means bets aren’t just as cut and dry as you win or you lose, meaning there is more leeway to still make a profit, even if your team loses.

What Is Spread Betting?

Spread Betting originated so that bookmakers could even out the wagering of bettors. They wanted to create a market for both sides of a bet, rather than just everyone wagering on the favourite.

Many punters see Spread Betting as a kind of handicap that favours the underdog. Some online betting sites will charge a commission on the bets called the Vigorish or the Vig. This is because bookmakers do not make any money on these bets, only on commissions.

To place a bet, a punter looks at a spread bet they are interested in, and then they will be given a points spread where they can place money at either end of the spread, either on the favourite or the underdog. The closer the bettor is to the correct score, the bigger his rewards.

As an additional wager, you can also make an over or under bet, which is a wager placed on the combined score at the end of the game, of both teams. You can wager if it will be over or under a certain total.

Finding Great Spread Bets

Spread Betting is very popular in America and Canada; in fact most states in Canada only allow Spread Betting. The NFL, NBA and the NHL are all huge spread betting markets, but the UK and other countries have started catching up, especially with the growth of online bookmakers. Now you will find spread betting opportunities on Soccer, Cricket and even Tennis matches.

When it comes to which online sportsbooks offer the best Spread Betting opportunities, you will have to visit our recommend sports betting sites and find out for yourself. Our list of recommended bookmakers gives you the finest collection of licensed and reputable sportsbooks that offer opportunities for spread bets, proposition bets, single bets and more.

What You Can Bet On

Spread Betting is compatible with a very wide range of sports. As long as there are two teams attempting to gather points you can make a spread bet on it. The fact that spread bets aren’t just win or lose bets is what makes them so attractive for sport bettors. It helps both the bookmaker and the bettors minimise their risk when placing a wager.

As we said, in America, Spread Bets are made on Football, Basketball and Hockey, but the same principles can apply to Soccer, Rugby, Cricket and pretty much any other sport.

Give this type of betting a try and enjoy rich returns when you make the right pick.