Sports Betting Win Share Options at Online Bookmakers

A Win Share is an estimation of the amount of wins that a player is able to contribute to his team overall. This statistic, however, is slightly flawed, since there are players that spend more minutes in the game, and these are going to be worth more to the team than compiling statistics purely in terms of possibility.

The Win Share per 48 was created to offset these flaws: this puts players on an even playing field, as if they were all going to be present in the game for the same amount of time. It prorates the numbers, with an average Win Share per 48, or WS/48, being approximately 0.100 according to a Basketball Reference.

Determining What the Win Share Statistic Is

This is an area that gets slightly complicated for bettors, because there is no absolute method of knowing which way victory lies. The Win Share Statistic is best applied for just Moneyline bets, although, with some translation, it can also be effectively used from an ATS standpoint too.

The Mathematics Behind the Win Share

In order for you to properly calculate a player’s Win Share, you will need to take the total amount of minutes played and multiply it by the WS/48 and then divide this by 48.

For example, LeBron James, playing for a total of 2 877 minutes, multiplied by his WS/48 stat, divided by 48, will give us his Win Share for the season: 19.3. The average player with a WS/48 of .100 asked to play the same amount of minutes per game, 37.9, would have a Win Share statistic of 0.08/wins per game, or 6.5.

Replacing LeBron with an average player decreases Miami’s chance of winning a game for 64.5 out of 82, or 78.66%, to just 51.7 out of 82, or a much lower 63%. From the standpoint of a Moneyline, using an odds converter, you are facing the Heat going from -367 to -179, or swinging from -9 to -4 on a standard game.

Not every game will involve teams like the Dallas Mavericks, Boston Celtics or Miami Heat, and there is a large amount of predicting to be done when you are talking about how long a player will be in the game on any given evening but, as the season progresses, this becomes easier to figure, especially in teams with regular rotations and a healthy roster.

The Advantages of Win Share Betting

Win Share bets really stand out when it comes to player injury. If you are able to figure out what the combination of players to replace the injured athlete will be, you may be able to take advantage of a big benefit, especially when the player being replaced is more competent than the player that may boast better core statistics, but lacks overall competence.

As is always the case, making use of just this one method of handicapping is not a foolproof method, but, in terms of bettors serious about handicapping, the Win Share is a tool that should definitely be made use of at one of the first-rate online bookmakers we have rated, reviewed, and recommended for you.