Why Sports Betting Accounts Get Limited

If you enjoy online betting, you may have heard of bookmakers limiting accounts, and in some cases closing accounts altogether. If you have experienced some level of success, this may have already happened to you. If not, this is something you should prepare yourself for. Not everyone who wins money online will have their account closed or limited but this is a practice that does happen to many bettors.

It is understandably very frustrating to have your account limited or closed by the online bookmaker, after all, you are doing exactly what the site wanted you to do in the first place. That is to go online, place bets and hope to win some money. There is a good argument that the practice of limiting and closing accounts is not fair, and bookmakers should take business from winners and losers alike. What we have to remember is that online bookmakers are there to make money too. Like any business, they need to protect their financial position, and if it means limiting and closing accounts, they will do whatever is needed to get them on track.

Suspicion of Arbitrage

There are a number of reasons why an online betting site will limit or close a betting account. One reason would be Arbing. The word Arbing is short for arbitrage. This is where online bettors place wagers on different outcomes with competing betting companies in order to earn a profit regardless of what the outcome of the match or game is. While there are not that many opportunities for arbitrage, the introduction of betting exchanges has made it easier to find what you need.

Arbing is not considered a legitimate way to bet online, and bookmakers will be quick to limit or close the accounts of bettors who they suspect of practicing this type of betting. While strictly speaking, arbing is not breaking any rules, it isn’t really gambling either. It is possible to make decent money with arbing, but you need to accept the fact that the bookmakers will probably catch on and limit or close your account fairly quickly.

Abusing Bonuses and Promotions

Most online bookmakers offer sign up bonuses and rewards for betting with them. They also offer regular promotions such as enhance odds or money back specials. This is mainly to keep bettors happy and to provide them a little extra to stay betting at their site. At the same time, bookmakers don’t take kindly to bettors who abuse their generosity by finding loopholes in the system. This can include betting on all possible outcomes of a particular event in order to meet a wagering requirement. These people will find their account limited or closed before they have even started.

Consistent Winning

While it may not seem fair, another reason why online bookmakers would limit or close an account is because of consistent winning. As mentioned earlier, bookmakers have a business to run and that means making a profit. One of the most important jobs of their staff is to find and limit the people who are consistently winning money at their site. You might be left alone for a while but eventually your account will be severely restricted or closed all together.

While not a great aspect of online betting, it is easy to see why accounts may be limited, and at the end of the day, bookmakers are simply trying to ensure that everyone plays fair.