The EasyEFT Payment Solution

Online sportsbooks know that for many people, getting their online payment and withdrawal services up and running can be a pain. Most people use their banking services regularly, but not everyone has access to a credit card, and those who do can tell you that these payments can fail due to the strict regulations in place to protect consumers.

This is where EasyEFT steps in and provides the necessary facilities to make your bank transfers simple, safe and manageable. You just sign up to their service and take advantage of their secure payment networks to manage all your sportsbetting transactions.

The Benefits of EasyEFT

EasyEFT is an online payment service or e-wallet that facilitates payments to and from online sportsbetting sites using secure networks and fast transaction times.

Bettors will not need a credit card in order to make these secure payments. EasyEFT is focussed on South African bettors, but any sportsbook fan can make use of their service.

Safety And Security

Safety and security with regards to your online transactions is of the utmost importance. This is where one of EasyEFT’s strengths come in. They use their own secure API network to process your transactions.

You also won’t have to provide your banking details to any online bookmakers, as EasyEFT fulfils the role of that intermediary. This, combined with the encryption services that online betting sites run on their servers, means that you have a very private network that facilitates your online payments and withdrawals.

Withdrawal Timelines

The time it takes EasyEFT to process your transactions is a bit faster than simply using your bank services. EasyEFT makes the bookmaker’s processing of your transactions faster because you will not need to first verify your account details with proof of ID or proof of payment.

The betting site will instantly process EasyEFT transactions, because EasyEFT already has the required verification services in place.

Mobile And Desktop Payments

EasyEFT works just as well when you make sportsbetting transactions on your desktop, as it does on your mobile device.

EasyEFT is designed to be as flexible and adaptable as is needed, to help punters make secure online payments and withdrawals with minimal fuss and stress.

Making Your Deposits

When you want to make a payment with EasyEFT, simply go to the payment or deposit section of your EasyEFT-supported sportsbook and click on the e-wallet option.

Pick the EasyEFT option from the drop down menu and click your bank name and confirm your payment. It’s as simple as that.

Making Your Withdrawals

Withdrawals with EasyEFT are just as simple. When you are ready to get your hands on your winnings, simply go to the bookmaker’s cash out section. You then will get a selection of withdrawal methods where you can click on EasyEFT, specify how much you wish to withdraw, which bank it will be going to and then confirm the transaction.

EasyEFT is another great e-wallet solution that keeps players and sportsbetting sites safe from fraud and scammers. It is easy to sign up to the service and their fees are minimal, making it ideal.