Mastercard and Online Betting

Betting online is the easy way to win real money betting on your favourite sports. But in order to place a bet, you first have to fund your online sportsbook account. While there are many different options to choose from, if you have a Mastercard card, you have everything you need to make a deposit and cash out your winnings. If you do a quick Internet search you will find that credit cards are the number 1 preferred method of payment at any sports betting site. Mastercard is accepted at all major betting sites both locally and overseas.

Advantages of Using your Mastercard Online

The advantages of using your Mastercard credit card for online betting may be more than you think. For starters, you can use your Mastercard to make instant deposits without ever having to sign up with an independent payment service. You can also use your Mastercard to pay for goods and services at hundreds of online merchants wherever the Mastercard logo is displayed. Having a credit card also means that you get access to a credit facility. This can be very useful if you want access to guaranteed funds when you need them.

Secure Payments

While it may not seem like it, Mastercard credit card payments are actually safe and incredibly simple. Security has come a long way in the last 10 years, and credit cards have reaped the benefits. All modern Mastercard credit cards are equipped with Mastercard SecureCode. This is an advanced 3D security feature that prevents fraudsters from using your credit card account for illegal transactions. When you do a transaction online, you are required to insert a password or one-time pin. This means that only the account holder can authorise payments on the account.

Making an online sportsbook deposit with your Mastercard is quick and easy. In the banking section, simply click on deposit options and look for the Mastercard logo. Here you can insert your card number, decide how much you want to deposit and authorise the transaction. All credit card deposits are instantaneous which means you can start betting straight away.

Cash out your Betting Winnings

You can also often use your Mastercard to cash out your online sports betting winnings. Instead of withdrawing into your bank account or using a web-wallet system, simply select Mastercard as a withdrawal option and you can cash out your betting winnings directly into your card account. You can then use your winnings to buy products or services online, for groceries, dinners or at any land based or online store that accepts credit card payments.

Earn Points Every Time You Punt

Another good reason to use your Mastercard for online betting payments is to earn reward points. Depending which financial institution you are linked up with, you can earn reward points every time you swipe your card in-store, or use it online. Your reward points can be collected and used for anything from fuel vouchers to flight tickets, meal vouchers and even cash back in your account. If you are going to enjoy betting online, it would make sense to earn rewards for using your Mastercard. This way you get something back, even if your bets don’t win!