In Good Hands with Skrill

Just as essential as finding the betting sites with the wagers, markets and odds that work best for you, is finding the transaction systems you want to use and choosing sites that allow for this. Skrill, which you might also see under its former name of Moneybookers, is a great option.

How Does Skrill Work?

Skrill is an e-wallet. What this means is that it acts as a way station between your bank account and your online sportsbook account, between two sportsbook accounts, or between your bank account and the account of any other vendor that accepts Skrill payments. Rather than moving money directly from its start point to its end, your funds go into your Skrill account and move from a middle point.

Setting Up and Using Skrill

Skrill is widely accepted, and you can use it at many of our recommended betting sites. This makes it an attractive choice, as does the fact that it is so economical and simple to use. There are no background or credit checks involved; all you need is a valid email address and a valid bank account.

Register online on the Skrill website within a matter of minutes, and start moving money to your e-wallet immediately. You can do this from your bank’s website, and then when you want to put money into your sportsbook account, you can do this from the cashier interface.

When you’re ready to cash out, just visit the banking page again, choose Skrill as a withdrawal option and make a bank transfer. Your money will go into your Skrill account, and then you can move it to your bank account on your bank’s homepage, to another sportsbook or vendor via the banking or cashier interface.

You may need to submit a request to the Customer Service Department to do a bank transfer and make a withdrawal, and the transfer itself can take up to 7 days. It can feel a little tedious, but it keeps your personal information and cash as secure as if they were never online in the first place!

More Reasons to Use Skrill

In addition to the safety measures we’ve already mentioned, Skrill users can take comfort from the fact that the company is regulated by Britain’s Financial Services Authority. Skrill guarantees each payment in its own right too.

On the rare occasion that you hit a snag, the Customer Service and Security teams are equally expert and always waiting to help you out. And as a final cherry on top, not that you really need one with this smooth and simple system, Skrill even offers a rewarding Loyalty Programme. There are 4 tiers in all, with every level offering increased perks and privileges. Personal account managers, free prepaid credit cards, lower transaction fees and exclusive bonuses, anyone? Get it all as loyal Skrill user! If this all sounds good to you, register for your Skrill account and start using it regularly to reap all the benefits at top online sportsbooks.