Visa Card

If you are familiar with the world of online betting, you will know that banking plays an important role in the grand scheme of things. Being able to make fast, secure online payments goes a long way to improving your wagering experience. While there are certainly a lot of banking options to choose from these days, Visa credit cards remain one of the most widely accepted forms of payments, anywhere in the world. If you own a Visa credit card, there are plenty of reasons why you should be using your Visa card to fund your betting account.

Instant Online Sportsbook Deposits

Unlike web wallet payments or local bank payments, credit cards do not require players to transfer funds from one account to another every time you want to make an online sportsbook payment. Paying with your Visa card is as simple as typing in your card number, authorising the transaction and waiting for the funds to appear in your sportsbook account, it really is that simple. All credit card deposits are instantaneous which means that as soon as you have completed the transaction, the funds will be available in your account.

Advanced Online Security

While previously credit cards were considered a high-risk payment option online, today that has all changed. As well as being chipped and pinned, all modern Visa credit cards are equipped with advanced 3D secure technology called Verified by Visa. This is an additional online security measure that ensures that only the original cardholder can make transactions online. Even if fraudsters somehow get hold of your card details, they will not be table to complete a transaction without inserting a personal password or one-time pin that is sent directly to your phone or email.

Cashing out With Visa

Another great reason to use your Visa card online is because you can use the same card for deposits and for cashing out. With many instant banking payments, players have to rely on web wallets for cashing out. If you own a Visa credit card, you can simply withdraw your winnings back into your credit card account. This will give you direct access to your cash that you can use to make further online sportsbook deposits, draw the cash at an ATM or use your card for purchases in store or online anywhere the Visa sign is displayed.

Earn Reward Points

Having a Visa card means more than just being able to make fast deposits. You can also use your monthly card statements to check at which online sportsbooks you spent the most at, and can adjust accordingly. You can also transfer funds into your card at the beginning of the month as a dedicated bankroll if needed. In certain circumstances, you can even use your credit facility if you need more cash there and then.

Finally, one of the best reasons to use your Visa card online is to earn reward points. All leading financial institutions will run a reward system linked to your Visa credit card. Whenever you use your card for online or land-based purchases, you can earn reward points that can be used for entertainment vouchers, flight tickets, fuel vouchers and more. So, by betting online, you are actually building up your reward points.