Withdrawal Times at Online Sportsbooks Explained

Withdrawal times refer to the amount of time that it takes to process a cash withdrawal from your online sportsbook account. Due to the variety of withdrawal methods a bettor can employ, the exact amount of time it takes from requesting a withdrawal to receiving it can vary.

These withdrawal times are related also to the variety of security measures in place to safely process international and online payments. The measures in place that make withdrawals take longer are there to ensure your and the sportsbook’s safety.

In order to find the online sportsbooks that offer you the fastest possible withdrawal times, you should check out our list of recommend betting sites. They have built up a reputation for processing withdrawals as fast as possible so that punters can enjoy their winnings.

The Role Of The Sportsbook

The online sportsbooks themselves are responsible for processing the administrative side of your request. Once a bettor provides them with the required info to verify their account, the sportsbook staff will take between 24 and 48 hours to process their withdrawal.

You will see your withdrawal request go into a pending state and you simply need to wait. If the withdrawal takes too long, you can contact the online sportsbook’s support desk, either via email or instant chat if it is available.

The Role Of Your Withdrawal Method

Withdrawal times are inevitably tied to which method you use to withdraw your online sportsbook winnings. Certain withdrawal methods, such as e-wallet services, are affiliated with some online sportsbooks, which affords players a quicker withdrawal time.

Often, if a player is part of the online sportsbooks loyalty program, they can also get faster withdrawals. Withdrawals using your credit or debit card or other banking services generally take a maximum of 5 days.

Reading the online sportsbook’s FAQ or payment section will reveal what the expected timelines are for each withdrawal method. Punters should always try and balance a fast withdrawal time with proper online security so they can make fast but safe withdrawals.

Requirements For Withdrawal

Every time you make a withdrawal from your account, you will be required to verify your details. This is a standard procedure that online sportsbooks are required by law to do. This is in order to meet the strict standards of the international gaming regulatory bodies that ensure that online betting sites operate lawfully and fairly. At the end of the day, it is to protect you and your money as well, so it is worth the extra effort.

The documents you will need to verify your account and make your withdrawal are:

  • Proof of identification – Ideally this will be a scan of your ID or Drivers Licence. Remember once your account is verified, a reputable sportsbook will delete these documents off of their server.
  • Proof of Payment of a deposit into your account – this can be a scan of your credit card or screen shot of your e-wallet payment.
  • Proof of Address – This can be a utility bill or other valid form of proof of residence.