Sports Betting and F1 eSports

eSports sports betting has increased in popularity in the last few years, with punters placing wagers on the outcome of major video gaming tournaments across the globe. Most of the games so far have been first person shooter, multiplayer online battle arena or real time strategy games. This has narrowed down the market for betting for those who enjoy playing and watching such games.

In 2017 though, we saw the introduction of F1 eSport racing, which changed everything. For traditional online betting NZ enthusiasts and those around the globe, electronic Formula One offers the perfect blend of real racing action with online gaming content.

What is F1 eSports?

For those who are new to the concept, F1 eSports is a competitive racing tournament based on the official Game for PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Players qualify for the Pro Series tournament by completing a series of online qualification races.

The top 40 qualifiers are then invited to compete in the Pro Draft live event series, where drivers can earn a spot on one of the official teams. Online gambling enthusiasts can bet on which qualifiers will make the cut and who will bail out.

Once the Pro Draft is complete and all the teams have starting drivers and reserve racers, the Pro Series gets underway. The current 2018 season is still in the final stages of the draft process. The Pro Series can be seen as the official tournament consisting of no less than 12 Grand Prix style races. Each race is organised and run as a live event. The event is streamed live and televised at the time of racing, so that everyone around the world can enjoy the action. All top-rated online betting NZ sites offer pre and live betting action on the Pro Series racing events.

The Pro Series

Putting money on F1 eSports is very similar to wagering on regular Formula One. Each Pro Series race (Grand Prix) offers a huge range of sports betting opportunities, including straight up and exotic wagers.

At the start of the race, punters can bet on the race winner, the runner up or the first three finishers. Bets can also be placed on who will win pole position, who will crash out of the race and how many pit stops will be made. The best sportsbook sites will also offer futures bets on the Drivers championship title. This is a wager on which driver will have the most points at the end of the season.

The biggest difference with F1 eSports and its real-life counterpart is the vehicles and external variables. With virtual competitive game racing, each driver has a car with the same acceleration, handling and top speed as their competitor. As such, tyres and vehicle design have no real influence on the outcome. The winner is the driver with the skills to complete the course in the fastest time while executing a range of skills such as cornering speeds, overtaking and braking.

Implementing Strategies

Since it is relatively new, there are no real sports betting strategies for this type of competition as yet. In 2017, the Pro Series consisted of just three races with Brendon Leigh winning two out of the three. As such he was crowned as the inaugural Champion. This year, the number of Pro Series races will extend to include over 12 racing events and the best sportsbook sites will surely capitalise on this.

For those wanting to enjoy online betting on future races, it is a good idea to go back and watch the Pro Draft to get a better idea of how a driver handles a particular course. As with regular F1, some drivers are better on tracks with long straight sections while others have more skills with short tracks with sharp corners that require more technical ability.