Things to Avoid in eSports Betting

In the world of online sports betting, eSports has rapidly become one of the most popular wagering markets, with thousands of punters placing wagers on local and international tournaments. The sport has exploded in the last year or two, with all top bookmakers offering dozens of markets on all the biggest events. Unlike football or basketball that have years of statistics to draw from, eSports betting requires a finer touch and a knack for predicting the unpredictable. For those who are keen to get started, here is a quick reminder of what you should avoid doing when enjoying a bit of the online betting NZ has to offer.

Don’t Generalise

One big mistake most novice punters make is to lump eSports into one category and bet on whatever comes up. This is like saying all ball sports are the same and Baseball, Basketball, Football, Rugby and Tennis can be bet on with the same confidence.

All eSports games are different and require a completely different set of skills, team dynamic and abilities to win a match. Putting money on CS:GO is completely different to Dota 2 or StarCraft. Think of each game as a different sport, and pick one you identify with most.

Avoid the Big Matches

The great thing about this type of wagering is that there are plenty of matches and tournaments to choose from. Every region has dozens of eSports leagues with annual tournaments and matches held throughout the year. There are also the big international tournaments that attract the most attention. It may sound silly, but it is best to avoid the popular matches, simply because you won’t find great odds on either team. Even if one team has a handicap, you are better off finding higher odds on “lesser” matches where the risk is worth the reward.

Don’t Be Drawn in With High Odds

This is a mistake many novice punters make, regardless of what sport is being played. There are times when eSports teams are given high odds when going into a tournament. The natural reaction is to sink a great deal of cash into the bet and hope the underdog wins. This almost never works out. In the history of online betting in NZ and beyond, approximately 0.5% of the time, the major underdog wins. This is not a statistic you should be playing with. Unless you have very reliable information about how the team has improved, rather go with lower odds that have a better chance of winning.

Avoid Chain Logic

Chain logic can be extremely destructive in eSports betting, especially since there isn’t enough historical information to prove otherwise. The idea behind chain logic goes as such. If team A is in great form and they destroy team B, they go to the top of the log. Then team B plays team C and destroys them. What would happen if team C then plays team A? Chain logic says team A crushed the team that crushed them, so it’s a no-brainer. This has led to many a losing bet. It is important to remember that each match should be analysed separately team vs. team, skill vs. skill and not what happened in other matches.

Avoid Emotion

It often happens in all kinds of online betting NZ when a punter becomes emotionally involved in a team. This is a natural phenomenon, since you wouldn’t be eSports betting if you weren’t interested in it in the first place. The key is setting aside your emotions and put money down based on statistics, current form and environmental factors. When emotions become involved, slips in judgement can occur, and bias is put on the teams you favour, leading to a lost wager.