The Best American Football Bets

American Football is one of the top 3 sports in the USA. However online sports betting is playing a huge role in growing the popularity of the sport outside of America. This is rightly so, as the NFL features amazing athletes, competing in a hard and fast game that’s high adrenalin and filled with upsets and excitement.

With well-balanced teams and a great fan base, American Football provides great betting action at any of our great recommended betting sites.

Find The Best NFL Action

When you are on the World Wide Web, looking for the best betting on American football, it is quite a challenge to sift through the misleading advertising or outright false claims from many bookmakers.

Fortunately we have stepped up to the plate and used our team of analysts to review and list the best sites out there for real money American Football action. Our recommended sites provide safe and secure online betting opportunities at the best bookmaking sites.

Picking An American Football Betting Site

We have a few key elements we look at before we add a bookmaker on our recommend site list for American football bets. These criteria can be applied to almost any betting site and they should be fundamentally checked for any sport bettor before signing up for a membership at an online bookmaker.

Live Streaming Options – Live streaming is growing more and more popular. It allows bettors to watch games at their chosen betting site but it also means that the site probably offers In-play or Live betting.

Fully Licensed And Regulated Betting – Sports betting sites need to carry licences from recognised gambling authorities. These include the IGC and eCOGRA, who ensure standards for online gaming are being met.

Great Market Coverage – Why join a site for betting on American football when they only feature Super Bowl odds once a year.

Rewards And Support – Bonus offers, promotions like free bets, and of course, helpful and available customer support are cornerstones for any reputable sports betting site.

The Decimal And American Odds Systems

In American Football betting, you may encounter two betting formats: the Decimal system and the American system.

For example the decimal system will feature a figure of 2.25. To calculate your payout using the decimal system you’ll take your stake, multiply it by 2,25 then subtract your stake. So say you wager 100, you will be winning 125.

The same odds in the American system will be represented from the perspective of how much you want to win. Using the same odds, they will be advertised as +125, which means you wager 100 and receive 125. If it is displayed as -125 it means if you wager 125 you will win 100.

The + indicates your return on a 100 wager. The - will indicate the wager required to win 100.

Great Action At The Best Bookmakers

Our recommend sites will give you the freedom of choice along with peace of mind. All are free to join and they provide many additional benefits like helpful tips, free bonus bets and up to the minute news as to what’s happening in the sports world.

Start betting on American Football and see why we recommend these bookmakers! If you have any questions, you are also welcome to get in touch via our Contact Us page.