Sports Betting – AFL Style

The Australian Football League, also known as the AFL, is the most distinguished sport in Australia. This hybrid rugby game has a long and rich history in The Land Down Under, founded over 120 years ago. The AFL Commission serves as the governing body of this much-loved sport and thus regulates and controls the laws of the game. Thanks to our regulated online sports betting websites, you can make your own laws too! You can decide what you’d like to bet on by checking live odds and sports info before making your call. The AFL league spans 18 teams across five of Australia’s six states. Tasmania is excluded, but the game has even been played in neighbouring New Zealand and China.

Bet on the AFL and More!

Sports betting isn’t just an exciting way to pass the time, in fact, one cannot even call it a pastime. Sports betting, for many, is a way of life, and this is because unlike a casino game, sports betting involves so much more. Sports betting isn’t about machines and random generators. Sports betting is about people, following your team in every possible way and knowing about the players in a personal capacity. Put another way, sports betting is the thinking man’s approach to gambling; the thinking man’s way to playing and winning. Sports betting, and in this context online and mobile sports betting, is so much more than a process of random selections and calculations. Yes, sports like Australian Football can be unpredictable, but your choices are not only informed, but also calculated and assisted by our sportsbook operators.

Options for the AFL

The beauty of sports betting via the Internet is the wealth of information that is almost instantly available to you. You’ll have all the info you need regarding odds and markets, not to mention in-play betting options that let you bet while the game is live. Your betting options are truly phenomenal when it comes to the AFL and once you see the kind of markets you can bet on, you’ll be overjoyed with excitement and the thrill of a possible win and more. The following markets are available in the AFL:

  • Head to Head
  • Line
  • Points Start
  • Tri Bet
  • Winning Margins
  • Half/Full Double
  • Start
  • Goal by Team
  • Half Time
  • Half Time Line
  • First Half Winning Margin
  • 1st Scoring Play
  • 1st Team to Score
  • Last Scoring Play 1st Quarter
  • Last team to Score 1st Quarter
  • First Quarter Winner
  • First Quarter Line
  • Second Half Winning Margin
  • 1st Scoring Play 2ns Quarter
  • 1st team to Score 2nd Quarter
  • Last Scoring Play 2nd Quarter
  • Last Team to Score 2nd Quarter
  • Second Quarter Winner

These markets continue into third and fourth quarters and in addition to all of this, you’ll also have the following markets:

  • Winning Margins
  • Exact Winning Margins
  • Total Score Odd/Even
  • Highest Scoring Quarter

As you can see, your AFL online sports betting experience is a layered, complex and exciting one! If you’d like to get in on this kind of winning potential, then there’s no time like the present to join one of our regulated sportsbooks. Use your PC, use your smartphone, it doesn’t matter, because our sites are here to accommodate you! Enjoy local and international sporting events, great promotions and best of all, your chance to win loads of cash![