Betting on Baseball

If there’s one sport often noted for its appeal to serious bettors, fans and aficionados of the game, it’s got to be baseball. Baseball comes with thousands of annual fixtures and thus fosters in the perfect climate for analytical approaches. If there’s a game you’ll want to learn, even if it’s just for the sake of making a buck, it is baseball. The good news is that most, if not all, of the top betting sites that we endorse offer up all the baseball markets you could possibly hope for! If you’re going to get serious about betting on baseball, be it on your PC, your laptop, your tablet or your smartphone, there are a bunch of things you’ll need to know.

How to Bet on Baseball

The most fundamental rule when it comes to betting on baseball is understanding the intricacies of the game. Your typical game of baseball consists of two teams with nine players per side with each side taking turns to bat and field for nine innings.

Betting on Baseball: The Basics

Baseball offers three basic betting options – Money Line, Run Line and Total. Money Line refers to which of the two teams will win, while Run Line refers to the point spread, very similar to that of the NFL (National Football League). Finally, Total simply refers to the total number of runs achieved in a game.

What to Consider when Betting

In tackling Money Line betting, you’ll need to understand how it is, that you can get the upper hand on the bookie. In this context there are two key factors to take into consideration. The first is the starting pitcher and with that the analysation of the team’s bullpen. However, at the end of the day, the starting pitcher offers the greatest variables. Stats to be aware of include the following acronyms:

  • IP (Innings Pitched)
  • WHIP (Walks Plus Hits per Innings Pitched)
  • ERA (Earned Run Average)
  • WARP (Wins Above Replacement Player)

The next major thing to factor into consideration are the hitters. The same meticulous attention and scrutiny applied to the pitchers should be applied to the hitters. Important stats to factor into your judgement include the following:

  • PA (Plate Appearances)
  • wOBA (weighted On-Based Average)
  • OBP (On-Based Percentage)
  • ISO (Isolated Power)

The Run Line can offer better returns and because of this, requires better knowledge of the game. To more easily illustrate the point that must be covered by either side, 3 points in NFL betting equals 1.5 points in baseball betting. Thus, 1.5 points is the handicap that both sides must cover for a bet to be successful. A Run Line strategy can be deduced based on converting the Run Line odds into a percentage chance of winning. The following formula is thus applicable:

  • (Risk/Return) x 100 = probability percentage

For Totals, it’s simply betting on the complete number of points scored in a game and whether it’s above or below the figure set by the bookmaker. Once again, analysing the teams can only be to your benefit. It’s important to be aware of the internal factors that make up the team. In other words, if you’re going to bet on baseball, you need to be serious about it.

External Factors

Knowing your team isn’t enough; there are also external factors to consider in terms of home field advantage, the weather, and even the stadium design. Here are some external attributes to factor into your betting strategy:

  • Stadium dimensions
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wind speed

Now that you know a thing or two about betting on baseball, try it for yourself at one of our many reputable online sports book operators, available for PC and smartphone usage.