Betting on Basketball

Basketball is big in every way. It’s one of the most played sports in the world and it’s taken to the world of online sports betting like a duck to water. The impact of basketball on the online sports betting market has been such that all the major leagues have been absorbed into the highly lucrative world of sports wagering.  As you may or may not know, you can bet on basketball and many other sports by signing up with any of our highly professional sports betting operators. Whether it’s online sports (desktop) betting or mobile sports (smartphone) betting that you’re after, the game of basketball will open itself up to you in so many ways. Basketball fits like a glove into the world of online sports betting for a number of reasons. It’s an exciting game to watch but it’s also a game that offers all kinds of betting markets and options and this is what really makes it such a popular choice.

Multiple Betting Leagues

The beauty of online sports betting is the sheer scale and range of betting options. If you’re overwhelmed in the start, we don’t blame you.  Also, we won’t blame you if you choose to establish sports betting accounts at more than just one operator. This only makes sense as not all operators focus on the same leagues and events. Also, not all operators use the same software or professional sport traders from which to receive their odds. With this said, signing up with more than one online sports betting operator will actually expose you to more leagues, more options and ultimately, more ways to win.  For the sake of illustration, here are just some of the leagues and/or basketball events that you’ll be able to bet on:

  • NBA
  • Euroleague
  • Polish PLK
  • Austrian ABL
  • Australia SBL
  • Turkish KBSL
  • Danish Basketligaen
  • Latvian LBL
  • Iran Premier League
  • Iran Super League
  • Italian Campionato

Basketball Point Spreading

One of the most important aspects of basketball betting is point spreading, which is essentially a  handicap placed on the team most likely to win. Point spreading is done in order to give both teams an equal chance at winning purely within the context of betting. The fact of the matter is that in real life, one team is always better than the other, and sometimes way better than the other. If online sports betting simply came down to you choosing which team was going to best the other, there would be very little behind it all and the process itself would cease to be exciting. However, if the playing fields are evened out, it’s a different story and that allows sports betting to thrive as an industry.

Basketball Match Markets

Online sports betting is loaded with options and depending on which league you elect to wager on, will determine which markets and/or options are available to you. For example The NBA can provide you with up to 34 markets while the Euroleague will offer a total of 25 markets.  All odds can be viewed as American, Fractional or Decimal and the following types of markets and/or options are available:

  • Money Line
  • Series Handicap
  • Series Betting
  • Total Points
  • Winning Margin
  • Enhanced Odds
  • Alternative Margin of Victory
  • 1st Half Money Line
  • 1 Half Totals
  • Results after Period
  • Total Number of Games
  • Series Correct Score
  • Spread
  • Double Result
  • Margin of Victory
  • Period Betting
  • 1st Half Spread
  • Will there be Overtime
  • Period – Last team to Score